5 VEGAN MEALS UNDER £1($1.50) | Budget-friendly Recipes for Students

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  1. Aissatou Lewla Daff

    Hey Madeleine! I also live in the UK and wondered where you get your nutritional yeast from? They don't have it at my closest Tesco :/

  2. how is tesco cheap thoooo

  3. I'm not vegan but i am a pescetarian! I love watching your videos and now i mainly eat vegan meals! although i don't think I'm ready to give up dairy and fish yet, i still think i'm doing my bit for the planet by reducing my intake of dairy and fish 🙂

  4. Gonna try the mushroom pasta tomo – Don't have tanhini though so gonna use homous instead, hope its works with it!

  5. How can you claim to be vegan, when you still eat living organisms? Yeast are living organisms FFS!
    Don't you all claim that everything should have chance to live? And yet you are not afraid to kill something. Hypocrite.

  6. sparklydiamond

    You should bring out a cookbook – vegan recipes for students. I’m not a student, but I’m on a budget and I would definitely buy it. Thank you for sharing budget-friendly vegan meals.

  7. Beautiful Redwoods

    it all looks so good ! thank you for the good recipe ideas

  8. Claudia Sanchez Esteve

    That is NOT a paella!!! Omg

  9. Great ideas for meal preps. Thank you, dear Madeleine!

  10. you have to put pomegranate syrup on your couscous salad! we always do that in turkey it tastes really good

  11. Michala Reichenbach

    Also I love that these comments on here are so lovely and positive <3

  12. Michala Reichenbach

    3.0 minutes in to the video and realizing that mushrooms in Denmark (even the cheapest ones) are like 1,7 £

  13. could you use other types of plant milks for the creamy mushroom pasta sauce recipe?

  14. In the UK there is saffron, but it is £5 for a tiny amount.

  15. I wanted to make mushroom pasta today but I forgot to buy tahini T_T

  16. Kristbjörg Harpa Thomsen

    I love how realistic your recipes are! I've often seen other people make videos/recipes who are supposed to be for people on a budget/students but are reallyy not. So, thanks! 🙂

  17. everything looks great but you shouldn't put tomatoes in a paella.

  18. Lilian Scorpion

    madeleine olivia drinking game: shot every time madeleine says 'at university' (also I LOVE these vids, welcoming and inclusive and delicious)

  19. I’ve made the mushroom pasta twice now it’s amazing I love it so much xxxx

  20. What song is playing in the mushroom pasta recipe??

  21. I'm not even vegan and really want to try the couscous salad and the milkshake 😀 So, good job!

  22. New subbie, here! Really enjoying your content, attitude, and I wanted to share with everything something I just learned a week ago at a cooking class. Apparently we are advised to use the top edge of the knife, not the sharp end, to scrape up whatever is on the cutting board. It see,s that using the sharp end dulls the knife which actually makes it both less effective for cooking AND more dangerous. Good tp know, eh?

  23. "I've not included things like spices in the price"
    So, the most expensive ingredients…

  24. Considering buying your recipe book. Are these in there? Are the majority of your recipes cheap and quick like these?

  25. You have made me fall in love with cooking again <3
    I had lost the passion for it for almost two years!!!

  26. Chastity Yozzie

    Thank you so much for making me fall back in love with food again. You’re an angel

  27. A valencian would tell you that that's not a paella, it's rice with things 🙂 it looks delicious anyway, I live in barcelona and we don't really use saffron that much either, it's quite expensive here as well. Artichokes and broad beans are the best in veggie rice with things if you can get them

  28. Linnea Nordgren

    DOES A CUCUMBER COST £0,45 IN UR COUNTRY? It costs around £2,5 for me lol

  29. you look exactly like abookutopia

  30. oh, veg. Paella: i love rice but never tasted paella in spain as there were always only paella with seafood and meat. Thanks for that recepee – i will cook it on the weekend as this looks so delicious.

  31. the vegan noodles look so great and yummi. I never tried tahini as this is always so expensive in my country.

  32. Paella seasoning sachets are great for making paella, cheaper than saffron but with all of the authentic flavours!

  33. You can totally use turmeric instead of saffron!

  34. I’ve never really considered being vegan but damn I want to make all of these recipes. You make being vegan look so easy.

  35. Nicole M Soto Parrilla

    Would almond milk instead of soy milk work as well for the mushroom pasta?

  36. Hello 🙂 if you aren’t completely vegan what can you substitute the tahini and nutritional yeast for in the mushroom pasta? Please :)) xx

  37. awesome. thank you !

  38. Ok all this food looks yummy and good. I going to try lol

  39. Thumbs up for the Pa-eeellaaayaaa pronunciatio, lmao!!! Love it

  40. in brazil we eat couscous with beans (green beans, always) and it taste sooo good

  41. All of these recipes look so yummy!!! Unrelated to food but I was wondering what font you used in this video? <33

  42. Adriana Gutiérrez

    Thanks for thinking about students! Greetings from México <3

  43. Zafron is expensive everywhere

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