5 VEGAN MEALS UNDER £1($1.50) | Budget-friendly Recipes for Beginners

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  1. Starts at 1:50.

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  3. Beverlin del Rosario

    "If you're on a budget… or if you're a student." … Or if you're both

  4. Loved this video… but that repetitive music was so annoying

  5. Me and my hubby tried going vegan but it was so expensive but after watching your videos I realize how cheap it can actually be. Thank you!!!

  6. This is without a doubt the best vegan recipes video I've seen, inexpensive or otherwise. There's so much variety and flavour and in fact I have most of these ingredients at home right now. I can't wait to try them out; they all look mouthwatering!!

  7. I'm not vegan nor plan to be however, this video honestly made me so hungry and this is coming from someone who eats meat a lot. As a uni student it is hard to afford meat weekly as it can run expensive but these meals seem so yummy and cheap so I'm deffo gonna try these out! Thanks for the video and just subbed! xox

  8. If you went to Aldi it would have been 50p per serving lol.

  9. I've finally convinced myself to become a vegetarian after years of thinking and stumbled upon your channel! Already cooked two of these meals and gotta say: They're really nice! Thanks a bunch for this nice video, it helps a lot! 😀

  10. Awesome video loved it ,great meal ideas thankyou x

  11. Food is so cheap where you live. A single can of beans here is like $1

  12. Subscribed❤️

  13. I’ve been a vegetarian for around 1 week now and omgggg thank god FOR this video I absolutely loved the last recipe it’s so filling and delicious xx

  14. great!!!!!!!!!

  15. Oooh, that curry dish! I've never seen it done like that before where the onion and garlic are blended together! The dish looks great!

  16. Lynette Strickland

    What brand is the skillet that you use to fry the onions? The black lined one with little white spots? I looked on your "kitchen equipment" link, but that one isn't listed…thank you!

  17. Recently tried the chile sin carne and the pasta dish that followed and my entire family loved it

  18. Is sugar acceptable in vegan cuisine?

  19. Amazing video!

  20. You should wash your rice and lentils three times until the water turns clear and them cook it, it removes the starch. And also you didnt cook the lentils long enough.

  21. Thanks Jennifer Connelly !

  22. i love your recipes just wanted to give you and advice: let the water boil first then add little bit of salt and after you add the pasta, same should be for the rice haha at least we do like this in Italy :')))) ^^ anyway i look really forward to try them!

  23. Do a cheap and healthy low carb selection for diabetics, please!

  24. You just got a new sub, and im not even vegan hahah

  25. you should add pasta when the water is boiling not before, but great video!

  26. GURRRL! This is editing GOALS! Loved this! 🙂 Xx

  27. Emily Robertson


  28. bella broughton

    dark soy sauce is only really to add colour, you should use it with light soy sauce

  29. Autumn Elizabeth

    Where I live the recipe that you did that cost 1.91 costed me 20+ dollars

  30. I was cutting an onion the other day and ate a huge chunk…FOR ALEX! LoL

  31. I never cook my oatmeal just soak it overnight / saves gas !

  32. Those recipes look so bland
    I guess that’s why Americans are fat asses bc we use our tastebuds

  33. i like the fact you just use water! so simple and definitely cost saving! trying to go vegan so please share more recipes. 🙂

  34. Everything looks delicious

  35. This proves you can eat healthy for cheap! and if you dont have the time, setting aside 30 minutes of time you would have spent watching tv (watch tv while you cook =) ) for treating your body well would be much better for your future well being.

  36. holyspiritinside

    In the past, some people in my country doesn't need to be vegan to eat like vegan. They simply don't have money so they can't afford meat.. what they eat mostly rice, spinach, corn, tempeh, tofu, and other greens.. meat is luxury.. So actually vegan must be a cheap eating..

  37. Coriander is NEVER optional. It is always a MUST.

  38. That’s so weird we call brown onions, yellow onions in america.

  39. Thank you so so much!! I'm transitioning to veganism. this is a life saver!

  40. These are perfect for cheap meal prep!! But I’ll replace frying with water with coconut oil! Thanks!

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