5 Minute Pizza Dough From Scratch | August Cooking | Vegetarian Recipe | Pizza Recipe | How to Cook

5 Minute Pizza Dough From Scratch | August Cooking | Vegetarian Recipe | Pizza Recipe 5 minute pizza dough: 1 ¾ cups of self rising flour 1 cup of plain yogurt …


  1. not bad for a redneck

  2. Tasty awesome

  3. It did not work for me!



  6. Great I needed a quick recipe I found one! 🙂

  7. how many grams per ingredient??

  8. Great Video! Check out my playlist for healthy cooking recipes if you get a moment! Cheers

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  10. What if I don't have a mixer can I use my hands

  11. HI,

    Am I able to use soy based yogurt?

  12. Dude ! Awesome, now im gonna make it in my BBQ, Aussie style for Christmas ! Thanx…..

  13. This is a baking powder doughed pizza, not yeast doughed pizza…
    So expect your final product that will nor be like Italian pizza.

  14. Can you use Greek yogurt?

  15. do u need an electric mixer? +Jaionvideo

  16. I saw this recipe on a different website and made it tonight using whole wheat flour. I added baking powder and salt to compensate for not using self raising flour. The pizza turned out awesome! I also added some dried rosemary to the dough as was mixing it up, to get some great herb taste in there. I topped the pie with tomato sauce, grated mozzarella and cheddar (both vegetarian), mushrooms, and artichoke hearts. Topped the lot off with dried basil and pepper. Yum!

  17. That look's so good.

  18. Measurements?

  19. What are some other alternatives I could use in place of yogurt??

  20. What are some other alternatives I could use in place of yogurt??

  21. Love this! Could I use Plain Greek Yogurt like Fage?

  22. I saw this on a "8 vegan recipes, in under 5 minutes"  article. You are using cheese and yogurt, are those not dairy? My son cannot eat that or soy. I make  pizza from SRF and water, with daiya cheese. Anyway  thanks for the video

  23. Omg..this looks too good to believe it.i might try this.will let u know. Hope it turns out as good as u have made..

  24. That's 5 minutes with a mixer. I don't own a mixer. Unfair. How long would it take by hand?

  25. can i use coconut milk (full fat) instead of yogurt????

  26. Did you use regular or greek yogurt?

  27. ThatBellendChristo

    Parmasan is made with calf rennet, making it unsuitable for vegetarians.

  28. Looks yum! Does the dough have a the crispness of a yeast dough? And because it's made with yogurt does it have a you hurt taste?

  29. The Divine Hostess


  30. Can u do this without a mixer

  31. Yes you can. You will need to add a 1 tablespoon. of baking soda.

  32. can I just use all purpose flower because I don't know where to buy the self rising flower

  33. I'm a big eater and I could only eat half of this. I would say it feeds two big eaters. 🙂 I hope your man likes it!

  34. Go to his blog,there's a link. It says 1 cup yoghurt, 1 3/4 cups flour 🙂

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