5 meals I eat each week » vegan & healthy

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  1. Did you see what happened at 0:44? Sooo here’s the thing: I like to take strategic bites of my oatmeal, getting a bit of each topping onto the spoon, but sir Robin just mixes everything together from the get-go. Whaaa!? I think he’s a bit crazy… but maybe I’m the one that’s crazy? Which camp are you in? Strategic bites, or the mix-and-swirl?

  2. Hi ! I'm Portuguese ! I love your channel ! And I loved the ideas !!!

  3. what non-stick pans to do you use?

  4. Thank you for the great recepies. 🙂
    I will try out soon.
    I went back for a short time vegetarian till i gaine weight.
    You remembered me how wrong this choice is.
    Thank you for beeing here and giving so great Inspiration.

  5. I looooove to make wraps with pieces of mango and avocado, and add some mint. It's super quick and easy and has become my go-to meal at least once a week! 🙂

  6. Please, Could you recommend a Vitamix model, which one do you use?

  7. gardentrix - houseplants, orchids, urban gardening

    With such a large following now, do you actually read and respond to any comments? I am seeing a lot of questions posted, which eventually receive responses from other viewers. Whether or not those responses are accurate, or informed by evidence, is questionable. Just pointing out that if you offer a forum for posting questions and comments, there might be a lot of misinformation being shared when the answering is left up to other viewers.

  8. Wow it's amazing how fast your channel has grown! I remember when you were at 40,000. Congrats!

  9. As a Dutch person, I love how you pronounced hagelslag! I mostly make pancakes on Sunday, but never used buckweat flour. Tempting to do that after I come home from Spain 🙂

  10. What kind of whole grain bread is that? Looks similar to pumpernickel. Looks so yum! I love dark breads! @pickuplimes

  11. Thank you ,but most of the food is toxin,,please check doctor Steven Gundry ..

  12. Yum – everything looks so good!

  13. Rice and curry & dosa and chutney powder (Indian)

  14. Can i challenge Robin to cook vegetarian Rendang? Here in Padang (Minang) we have Rendang Nangka muda (Jackfruit) as the vegetarian version for our famous Rendang :).

  15. The combination of tomatoes and cucumbers can ruin your health

  16. Your the best……

  17. thank u for everything, you are amazing

  18. Love this video! You guys make it so easy, Thank you. I think I could even get my toddler to try the dinner meals when leaving out the spicyness.
    By the way, our weekly favourite: black bean wraps with fresh corn, salsa and guacamole. (Recipe By Yvette van Boven Dutch coock)

  19. Ohhh wow, those look phenomenal. Definitely want to cook these with my partner 🙂 we make sushi bowls once a week and I'm also always making sweet potato tacos or burritos 🙂 my favourites!

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