5 Meal Prep Recipes For Weight Loss In 2019 – Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve got 5 tasty meal prep recipes to help with your new years resolutions! These meal preps are the best way to lose weight without sacrificing any flavor.


  1. Could you do a insta-pot recipe episode?

  2. So happy I found this channel!!

  3. One more stop at Trader J and I’ll have all the ingredients…starting w Salmon & stir fry

  4. Hey! New viewer here, loving it so far!! Quick question, any substitute suggestions for those of us who really don't like quinoa?

    Thank you!!!

  5. Great posts…love these

  6. Just came across your channel and YUMMMM…healthy recipes that are actually doable.

  7. Man you are genius! Seriously – awesome!

  8. Acidic food in your cast iron pan. Well, OK. I would recommend pulling out the All Clad for that dish.

  9. Awesome job Bobby!

  10. A+ Can't wait to make some of these.

  11. Where do you get the grapeseed oil? I've never seen or even heard of it. I want to try all the recipes except for the pork chop one. I can't have coconuts or pineapples. The bowl of broccoli and cauliflower looked amazing. Going to try it without the coconut

  12. Fantastic

  13. I love everything you make wow

  14. Wow Bobby, this is next level flavors! Can't wait to try making some of those. Happy New Year to you and Dessi….and Art.

  15. Kimberley Kissoon

    Hello, will the noodles last for 5 days, or will they get soft and soggy if they stay in the broth for too long?

  16. Robert Belliveau

    The salmon looks great, but in my case it will send me to my grave. What would you recommend as an alternative?

  17. Bobby, once again-absolutely amazing meals. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year to you and your lovely wife, Dessi! <3

  18. Love your recipes Bobby!!! Thank you! Keep them coming please!!!!

  19. Whole Picture Home

    These all look SO good!! Yum and thanks for the ideas and inspiration!

  20. Thank you so much for all your wonderful uploads on YouTube Bobby, wishing you and your wife an amazing 2019, these are fabulous

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