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  1. INGREDIENTS ALL LISTED IN THE DESCRIPTION BOX (I made a mistake for the peanut choc bars and it is 1/4 cup of maple syrup not 1/2 cup)

    Hopefully these make-ahead recipes will help you out with having a delicious breakfast every morning, even if you're in a rush 🙂 If you have already purchased my ebook then you will have received an email from Payhip today with a download link to get the updated version. Or if you would like to purchase a copy you can get one here: payhip.com/madeleineolivia

  2. Your eyes are so beautiful!

  3. Cathy Lynn Pietranton

    Maddie we know these are for breakfast but we tried the tofu scramble for dinner tonight it turned out delicious we substituted the red pepper for mushrooms because we used up all the red pepper at our dinner the day before just want to let you know and thanks for sharing everything looks delicious

  4. Great vidio. Love all your vidios but especially the ones on minimalisum and your recipies. Your doing a great job of filming Alex. Would you please be able to do a beginner's guide to going vegan? X

  5. Do you have an idea on how to make smoothies the night before?

  6. The sounds Alex makes when he's surprised or pleased by your cooking are so funny! Great recipes and awesome soundtrack for this vid! Loved it <3

  7. 5:05 how cool is your dish of spices! such a good way to store them!

  8. Absolutely love the music

  9. Amazing! I follow a more paleo diet, but some of these are easily adaptable into a paleo+vegan breakfast!

  10. you are the rescue and answer to all my cooking dillemas. i am so in love with you guys <3

  11. Great recipes!!!

  12. Yesss I used to have Worcester Sauce on my eggs so since going vegan it's a must with my tofu scramble. I also cook it with it (like how you did with the soy)!

  13. I slightly grimace when I see how liberally you use maple syrup knowing (as a Canadian) how 'ouchy' the price of purchase is here compared to at source … whenever I leave this green & pleasant land to return home for a visit I always bring large containers of it back … they cost about a buck there at the market …

  14. Hi, about the granola, can I use Oliver oil instead of coconut oil ?

  15. i worked way too hard to pause it at the yogurt on your lip part lol

  16. I love love love your videos because your kitchen looks just like mine and you make adorable little mistakes and I can afford the ingredients and it's just really refreshing to see a YouTuber that I can relate to

  17. Good stuff…thanks. Any chance you can darken the color of the ingredients? They blend in with the vid and can't read them.. Thanks. Everything looked great.

  18. Dude, you guys are actually amazing!

  19. these look SO SO SOOO yumm!! would love it if you checked out my vegan breakfast ideas too!!!

  20. I love the music, very relaxing 🙂

  21. Cathy Lynn Pietranton

    Maddie they all look easy to make and delicious we're going to try the tofu scramble on Sunday today is Friday in USA also we enjoy you and Alex's videos very much thank you for sharing

  22. I love chia pudding I gave some to my boyfriend and he called it crunchy snot lol


  24. great video! I have a question – where do you get your whole oats from? I've been looking for oats like that for ages and cannot find any 🙁

  25. I put my tofu scramble on a whole wheat wrap with salsa & nutritional yeast. It makes an awesome breakfast burrito!

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