5 High Protein Dinner Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. Imelda Martinez Torres

    Todas tus resetas me gustan riquísimas para preparar

  2. Imelda Martinez Torres

    Todo muy sencillo me gustó tienes mi like lo voy a preparar ricas resetas todo lo haces fasil de preparar

  3. Why throw the broccoli stem bits? They are delicious like the rest

  4. Please do more ground turkey recipes!

  5. Magdalena Schweda

    I’m absolutely in love with all recipes. Thank you soo much.

  6. Hi, Mehwish with you
    Any reason for using yellow and red paper? Can we use green instead?

  7. Can these recipes really help me to lose weight?There are even sugar included

  8. Nova libas opm yg gangu nkri kakek. Lia libas.

    Ok gaiiisss sambil di cas hp nya gaaiiiisss.

  9. Any mexican dish?? Specially with tortillas lol please!

  10. Thank you for.shering god bless you

  11. Кирилл Мелихов

    How much is 1 serving?

  12. That spatula been putting in work lol!

  13. They all look great!! Thank you.

  14. please tofu in french

  15. សៀវភៅមុខម្ហូបខ្មែរ KhmerFoodRecipes

    It look so nice and delicious and also beautiful

  16. Saludos de Colombia, me encantan tus recetas

  17. Amorei as come das

  18. How long it should be cooked ???

  19. But dinner My sabzi nai Khaty protein laty hain ? Is am wrong ?

  20. i lost 4 kg in a week .

  21. Toooop c

  22. Amazing recipes !
    I love this channel- Keep it up ! 😀

  23. Amazing

  24. Long video that could have been edited shorter. Also old veggies

  25. Time With Aaliyah

    You gets me inspired every day by day with ur cooking.

  26. What this song??

  27. Good job

  28. Why is eggplant never used?

  29. idea idea thx

  30. That carrot in the second meal was beautiful lol

  31. hi friend maine 30 kg wight loss kiya he

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