5 Healthy/Delicious BACK TO SCHOOL (VEGETARIAN) Lunch Box Recipes for a week/Kids Lunch Box Ideas

This video will show you five kids Lunch box recipes for five days. Hope you guys will enjoy and also let me know which one was your kids favourite one.


  1. Hello Mommy cook! Ur channel is inspiring. I like the quick recipes. Adding flax seeds is a good idea. Please show other recipes to bump up protein level and also how to use chia seeds. Paneer wrap is a lovely recipe.

  2. Nyc receipes … simple n easy ☺

  3. nimisha kulshreshtha

    Yummy and nutritious

  4. Leena Vaidya- Sangani

    Nice ideas but wish the video was much shorter. Thank you for sharing though!!

  5. Nice! Subbed if you want to sub back 🙂

  6. Healthy, yummy and nutritious recipes…easy for working moms !

  7. nice idea

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