5 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. NYC song and v delicious

  2. Admiralty Islandjewel

    Would love to knw the nme of the songs used, please..

  3. Where do you get your music for the videos from? Love your recipes and videos 🙂

  4. carrots with beans uuuuuh noooooooooo we CAN NOT…vegetarianism is way more exciting than that!

  5. love your playlist

  6. WOW!!! Another fantastic video. So inspiring. I love your wonderful recipes. And really love the upbeat music a lot. God Bless you. Love Tamson from Kentucky.

  7. So delicious ! Love u guys ❤️

  8. HI !! wow nice recipes 🙂 but I can't eat it because I am lazy as f*** lol …

  9. Juliusbien Moran

    Title of song 3:20 please

  10. that’s exactly what I have been eating for 1 year nor and I have lost like 8 kg
    from 58 to 50 kg

  11. ebenizer alighieri

    Me encantan
    Super super super

  12. Can you please do raw vegan recipes?

  13. You make cooking so simple, but in such an amazingly creative way!!

  14. Happy New Year! Your recipes are so amazing, they make me seem like I can actually (somewhat) cook.

  15. Background music is so awesome

  16. the_vegan_photo_enthusiast

    Most of these are vegan and the ones that aren't can easily be made vegan. I suggest taking out the dairy and replacing it with the vegan option – dairy isn't healthy or a health food

  17. Malika Kherroubi

    As usually amazingggggg

  18. Yummy mouthwatering

  19. My fav are the last one with strawberry and the pasta with pesto ones..

  20. what a good recpies !!

  21. Are you Indian?

  22. You are not logical with your knife.

  23. Very very good recipes… BUT tell me which one do you rather eat most?? I am an Indian.

  24. I don't like cooking. But these recepies look simple and I'm willing to try them.

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