5 Healthy Sandwich Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. may i use apple!!? like if u agree

  2. All the self righteous healthy eaters in the comments…haha gotta love them for a good laugh.

  3. Real Coaches Corner

    Not too healthy if using that processed bread shit smh js

  4. I wonder if using the lettuce as apposed to the bread is healthier

  5. Eduardo Palma Martín

    Weight loss with bread, avocado and cheese lmao

  6. Christopher Sanchez

    I prefer sandwiches one and three

  7. Hey thanks for the video but do you have more sandwich recipes that don't involve avocado? It doesn't sit right in my stomach

  8. Great work

  9. Not eating bread would be a good start to weight loss if that's the goal.

  10. If any of my black friends found out I was eating this
    They would throw me off the highest cliff in my city

  11. As someone who struggles with weight, these sandwiches look so tasty, and are simple to make! Thank you for showing some tasty sandwich recipes, because I am someone who needs my food to be tasty before I would even consider eating it.

  12. So there is a kitchen tool its called toaster…. Its job is to toast bread

  13. As long as you are eating wheat and bread, your weight loss will be difficult or non-existant. Cut out your sandwiches and you will lose weight. Pretty simple.

  14. every one of those sandwiches are too high in carbs and sugar!

  15. If u wanna loose weight dont even eat a sandwitch its that ez xD

  16. I honestly don't think that would give an anorexic energy or make them feel full.

  17. Get rid of the grains and bread if you’re that concerned with weight loss.

  18. The Veggie Sandwich is not a sandwich, it's a salad encased inside of 2 giant crispy croutons.

  19. Bread ? For weight loss , that’s laughable

  20. Ditch the bread

  21. Nobody will loose weight with so may carbohydrates

  22. Healthy ?
    Take away the cheese on all of these and then you're good

  23. I really like theme music. It like a song in lala land :)))))

  24. Very nice video .I love brown bread and try to make as many variety of veg sandwiches as possible with lots of fresh veggies, cheese slices ,green chutney and butter and two sandwiches make me so full that its enough for the whole day .

  25. It is fine idea for dinner or lunch but it contains just much calories for a breakfast or snack, don't you have any ideas with less calories ?

  26. Are you sure your not an avacado advertisement? Hass Avocados should hire you.

  27. Im salivating…

  28. The carrot and hummus recipe! I always make that, I didn't expect to see someone else doing it :')

  29. Looks good

  30. madam to make recepies with regular ingredients …. These are very tuff to get

  31. What hummus

  32. Avocado is not tasty.

  33. Turkey cheese and ranch sandwich
    Turkey cheese and honey mustard sandwich
    Ham provolone cheese and ranch sandwich
    Some of my recipes

  34. Would like to ask if I take this sandwich to work , but without lettuce leave will it get soggy??

  35. I tried the first sandwich, left out the egg (becuase I'm allergic) and added tomatoes… IT TASTED AMAZING!! It was so filling! I was full before I had finished with the sandwich! Would definitely recommend. (I used wholegrain bread instead of whole wheat)

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