5 Healthy Low Calorie Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. can you please add the Music names in your description??? I like some of the music you add in your background.

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  4. The portion sizes are just ridiculous.

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  6. Cherry tomatoes ki jaga ham regular tomatoes use kr skty hyn??? Uss kitni calories

  7. Oh wow! I so want an Olive Oil Shaker!!! This exact one actually. Where can I purchase one?

  8. love those instant healthy recipes. thank you. can you tell these food is best to consume for Breakfast, lunch, dinner? ?

  9. I love your channel. Thanks for all.
    Kiss from France

  10. Love your new knife and the new olive oil sprayer,most importantly love your recipes. Keep it up .

  11. Great job!! I will definitely try them.. Thank you for posting!
    Friendly tip: it is preferred to use a different cutting board for vegetables and meat, to avoid spreding bacteria from the meat to vegetables which you might eat raw..

  12. Poonam smart kitchen

    Amazing recipe…

  13. Que canal tan nutritivo.

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  16. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  17. i love this kind of food super love from serbia for you

  18. Yess, delicious food in order to lose weight

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