5 Healthy & Hearty Fall Soups

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  1. 500 dislikes,oh dear,i suppose you cant please everyone.great video

  2. I love spicy soups.


    Can we not remove the herbs

  4. Enchanted Biscuit

    I call butternut squash butt-nut ovals

  5. Yay! Delicious soups with no milk and no cheese! My lactose intolerant self is so happy :,)

  6. The ginger Phsychopath

    What's with the vegetable stock I WANT NORMAL INGREDIENTS

  7. A lot of you are complaining that this video is all about vegetarian meals or how it lacks meat. Are you guys fucking retarded? Who comes to a healthy soup idea video and expect red meat or meat in general to be in the soup? It is not focusing on vegetarian meals because if it was, it would be in the title. This is focusing on HEALTHY soup ideas.

    The majority of people who are looking to loose weight or to eat healthy would not be looking for soups with meat in them so this video is dedicated towards those people. Of course there wouldn't be any meat in these soups. You guys are fucking idiots for thinking that you'll find meat in a healthy soup video. If you lot had a fucking brain then you would also know that almost all of these dishes; YOU CAN ADD MEAT. So stop looking for something to complain about and use you gosh damn brain for once.

  8. I loved your video. it's fast enough and understandable -without all the rhymes of garbage of doing this and that.
    thank you for making it and pls make more!

  9. This music is AWESOME

  10. Banking Soda in a soup? Does anyone knows why? Does it do something special to the soup?

  11. I love thick and creamy soups

  12. I don't want to make soup…
    I WANT TO EAT IT!!!!!!

  13. This looks my hospital food, but good.

  14. Let's play spot the Vegan

  15. Thankyou they look delicious

  16. The potato one look awesome

  17. 로미언니RomiUnnie

    I love your recipe and music choice!!!!

  18. Natural Harmonia Gropius

    Seems easy right?

  19. Vegans are weak. This crap looks like baby food.

  20. That hand mixer is so handy

  21. Introduce: the bay leaf

  22. People are complaining about these soups not having any meat in them???
    Have I been missing out on something my whole life?
    I thought a soup with meat in it was a stu or something.

  23. "Healthy": everything is from a can

  24. Hey….Indian style

  25. Mmmm. They look delicious

  26. Baking soda is very bad for our health

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