5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss

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  1. Excelent thanks

  2. tasty is quaking

  3. I looked all over. Because i lost the channel. Glad i found it. Also what is the food processor please?

  4. superb idea

  5. Can I use a sweet patato instated one white patato?Thank you,greetings from the Netherlands

  6. Where do you get the little, white blender? Is it a coffee grinder? I just have a Nutribullet.

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  8. I cant lose Weight. Im trying so hard but then im starting to ate so much what ever i want, but i wanna lose Weight and im teenager. Can someone help me?

  9. Yaaamy ilove thise food

  10. The Winningest Duo

    Can’t wait to try these recipes

  11. HI MAM… instant of oats what we can replace in ur second recipe …

  12. Great video and loves it

  13. You can watch my channel too! It's free.!!

  14. I'm looking for a small food processor like the one you are using. Will you let me know which brand is it..us it a single cup size?.thanks

  15. Oatmeal is honestly my top priority

  16. wow – fantastic – was just thinking about your recipes yesterday – and there they are for me – i just love the clean taste of your meals – now have a good collection and the time is here – looking forward to seeing how well i lose the weight and how healthy i am going to feel

  17. Amazingggggg

  18. Music toooooop

  19. As usual the best

  20. You are so awesome for posting these recipes. Thank you ❤

  21. Omg everything looks so good

  22. Thnxxxxxxx so much for this useful video

  23. P.s. mierea peste 40 de grade devine toxica , si nu se combina oua cu cartofi pt ca îngreunează digestia …

  24. This looks is very good but not so testy


  26. Thank you so much! Your recipes have been so helpful in my weight loss journey & new healthier lifestyle. Happy New Year Everyone!

  27. Mohammad Karim Momin

    Thanks alot

  28. How’s calles that machine u used for the almonds and oats

  29. All of the recipes look amazing. I will try all of them. Thank you so much.

  30. Ymmmmmmmeeeee

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