5 Easy, Yummy VEGAN Healthy Breakfast Recipe Ideas!

These are all so delicious, and gorgeous (instagram worthy!!), you have to try them and tell me what you think! The apricot balls and chia pudding are good if you …


  1. i like your crepe recipe!!!!

  2. I can tell you live in Australia because of coles and so do i

  3. jk lol

  4. Where do you get your protein from?

  5. This beauty made me hungry

  6. you've made a new subscriber out of me

  7. thank u so much for adding the pancakes fail at the end. I get pretty discouraged when I fail at things, but I liked that u normalize that pancakes fail. they suck sometimes. haha.

  8. I'm trying to become vegan and the crepes are so delicious thank you so much for this recipe!

  9. These are not enough for school…8 hrssss

  10. Seriously loved your choice of music! Great video and recipes please make more videos like this

  11. The presentation of the crepes was fantastic.

  12. great video

  13. Welcome To KaBloom Society


  14. Welcome To KaBloom Society

    hint: there are to

  15. Welcome To KaBloom Society

    I meant to say ur eyes out
    test ur eyes out

  16. do we soak the cashews for the crepes?

  17. The crépes look so good! Is it possible to make them without the cashews/Sub them with something else that is a little bit less fatty? (Hclf vegan over here heheh)

  18. these all look soooo yummy! i like the recipes you chose, they're unique and simple, i can't wait to try them!

  19. how do you edit your video?x

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