Thanks to Silk for sponsoring and collaborating on this video with me to bring you these 5 easy vegan breakfast recipes as part of the Silk 5 Days 5 Ways …


  1. Lauren, please ask Silk to make their products available in South Africa!

  2. Rahul's Vegan Cooking

    Hey Lauren, if you ever want to collab, I gota couple breakfast recipes.

  3. I think i'm the only one who does not like overnight oats. I would try that cherry one though. Looks really good.

  4. I thought the tofu scramble needed black salt (? Is that the right thing?) I haven't tried it yet because I don't have that ingredient.

  5. But where can I find the hazelnut creamerr???? I like in TO and they had it at my loblaws ONCE like a year ago. Not I can only find it in COLLINGWOOD!!! Wtf! It gives me LIFE!

  6. Those are such cute little jars! Where'd you get them?

  7. I really want to make these–thanks!

  8. You need to be on food network, girl, seriously.

  9. Lauren, video idea – your decision to buy a microwave!

  10. My daughter eats a silk yogurt with granola EVERY morning for breakfast, she loves 'em…

  11. That bread pudding is everything!

  12. LAUREN!! Loved this so much. Where has john been all this time??

  13. I'm so excited for this collab because I always run out of breakfast ideas !

  14. Lauren did you bring in a microwave just for this video?? Or have you always had one LOL!!!

  15. While I'm sure these recipes taste great and the product placement was well done, I feel like they were all ideas I have seen done before a million times. Love you, just sick of oatmeal and tofu scramble.

  16. Sun Dots Productos y Servicios

    Hello Laurent, I love your clothes, estamos con Oaxaca y Chiapas. Thank you,

  17. hotforfood: the best vegan youtube channel out there. loving this collab and the delicious recipes!

  18. Tofu scramble ….. in the microwave …… JUST CHANGED MY LIFE

  19. i thought you didn't have a microwave?

  20. I'm not a fan of tofu scrambles but this looks good! Heads to Amazon to order a bunch of jars!

  21. these look and sound amazing!!

  22. Amanda Jane Horner

    Is there an alternative way to cook the Hazelnut Bread Pudding? It sounds delicious but I don't have a microwave! 🙁

  23. GOURMET AF your quality is off the charts Lauren! Hi snickles

  24. >bread pudding
    >no bread

  25. All of these recipes sound soooo good! 🙂

  26. I'm so happy I found you channel, I enjoy your recipes and personality. The notification bell has been hit.

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