5 Easy Sweet Potato Breakfast Recipes | Vegan

Today we’re showing you how to make 5 easy vegan sweet potato breakfast recipes! There’s a mix of sweet & savory recipes so there is a little something for …


  1. Southern Vegan Recipes

    Your sweet potato pancakes are my new favorite fall breakfast. Thank you for the recipe!

  2. I made the pancakes this morning! So good! My daughter loved them as well, and she doesn't eat gluten.

  3. Since the pumkin season is approaching I would highly reccomend trying out someof these amazing recipes with sweet pumkin variates like Hokkaido, Butternut or even Kabocha squash!!

  4. One word, YUMMY! Thank you for this! I never know what to do with my potatoes!

  5. That dinosaur wall paper though

  6. YUM!!!

  7. Gramo Professional Training

    Great Stuff! These look really amazing! Check out mine too. Bon Appetit. Gramo 😀

  8. Do I have to choose one….its so hard…..

  9. Sweet potato heaven right here! Love these ideas.

  10. Everything looks sooooo good. Must try.

    Everything you guys make looks soooooo good. Y'all should open a café/diner/restaurant.

  11. Can u replace apple cider vinegar with lemon or something?

  12. Deconstructing the soup like that is the most brilliant thing I've ever seen

  13. I am definitely trying the smoothie bowl!

  14. Im definitely gonna make the pancakes!!! great recipes guys x

  15. I put my sweet potato's in the microwave by doing this the cooking time goes from 45 to 10 minutes. Just make sure to make some holes in them with a fork and microwave them on high for 8/10 minutes. Works like a charm.

  16. That smoothie bowl looks delicious!!

  17. The "sweet" baked sweet potato is my go-to breakfast!!!

  18. These look amazing! I love the sweet potato boats! I never have a savory breakfast to be honest haha but I can't wait to make this for dinner!!! Yum!

  19. TheBigFatMamaDiaries

    I'm going to try the sweet potato pancakes! Do I have to use parchment paper with the sweet potato or can I just use the foil?

  20. Yum! Sweet potatoes are one of my absolute favorite foods and all my friends think I'm crazy when I want to eat them for breakfast!

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