5 Easy Mediterranean Recipes | PLUS GIVEAWAYS!!

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  1. I am allergic to yogurt or anything that has probiotics. Do you have a different option for the greek salad that can be use as a dressing.

  2. I miss having the ingredients In the description

  3. I’d rather hear that from a Mediterranean. WP always mooching off other cultures.

  4. Yuuuuuummmmmyyyyy!

  5. T. Cobb’s Eats

    WOW!!! Thank you very much for sharing these three recipes! All look fantastic!

  6. Egle Davidsoniene

    View as a miricle for human eyes and i think tast more better………

  7. I love your channel so much and went to 3 different stores to find your book on the shelves all Targets. And they didn't have any in-store item number to look up. This made me so sad. Can you please let me know which stores physically have your book. Thank you. Fav recipes are your collab with Mind over Munch… Power bowls; So worth all the work. Even made kale edible. Lol

  8. Jonathan Chiasson


  9. How do I make the peppers sweet & smoky ?

  10. Best channel on youtube

  11. I love you and your fabulous recipes!!!

  12. No frying going on here! (except constant vocal fry)

  13. Congrats on ur book!

  14. Delicious!!!

  15. Nice recipe…. take out cucumber juice is absolutely waste of time and unnecessary just throw it in there to dilute your sauce a little, your sauce is already thick as cheese block, beside it will add some refreshment.

  16. Is she the sister of that guy on the food network? You gotta know who I'm talking about….she looks like and talks like him…

  17. Alright on the cookbook girl! I’ll give it a look – cookbooks are my weakness and I’ve followed you since you had less than 10k subs…Make hay while the sun shines!

  18. This is seriously the best channel I’ve ever visited….why have I not seen this before!

  19. Варенье На завтра

    Once, a lot time ago disliked the chanel for savory outmeal dish and never watched it. Occasionally found this mediterranean recipes just now and should say they are amazing! Absolutely gonna try every single one.
    You are really skilled chief and I some kind of feel guilty for neglecting the domestic geek for so long)

  20. gabby artiles torres

    the amount of salt

  21. Yum yum yummy delicious recipe's thx you for sharing.

  22. Mayuri Shrivastava

    How you got all that weight off … Wow you are an inspiration

  23. Um… If you want to eat normal tzatziki – skip the fricking dill and lemon. I just use yoghurt, cucumber and garlic. You don't need anything else. Dill is NOT common in medditeranian food.

  24. I live in Australia! How can I get your book?

  25. Aναστασία Παπακωνσταντίνου

    Basically in Greece we usually eat tzatziki with souvlaki…It's devine combination!

  26. Esperanza Ruvalcaba

    Can’t wait to get my book!

  27. buffersandbananas

    Those fritatas look great!

  28. Just received the book and Love it!!❤️

  29. Istead of grating the garlic, try a handy little item called a garlic press. Pop a whole peeled clove in.. press.. "Voila!!"


  31. You look like Kristen Bell. Love the recipes.

  32. Im muslim so i cant put white wine. Will the shrimp dish taste good without it?

  33. Really helpful video, thanks!

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