5 Breakfast Smoothie Recipes | EASY + HEALTHY

Here are 5 of my favourite healthy smoothie recipes! They’re all easy to make and taste absolutely incredible. I hope you can give them a try! FULL RECIPES: …


  1. I love these smoothies i have only tried the blueberry muffin smoothie and Mango Tango. Looking forward to trying the other 3.

  2. DrAnca Martalog,N.D.

    LOVE LOVE your recipies and videos! I'd like to give my body more nutrition through smoothies with spinach and green leafies…but because of IBD, I can't tolerate raw foods well. Do you have any suggestions how to start swithiching to raw? Thx.

  3. Oh my lord, that strawberry milkshake smoothie is divine. I have it almost every morning before school, nothing else can compare. It's creative, simple, and wonderful videos like this that make eating clean and healthy so easy and enjoyable!

  4. I just subscribed looks so good I have my mind made up on one smoothie but I think you just changed it thank you

  5. Anonymous Probably

    what does it taste like without the dates

  6. I LOVE your food but are you an ASMR chanel too?……

  7. Your voice is so calming and beautiful❤

  8. Just bought my first Vitamix! Best purchase I’ve ever made! Cannot wait to try these!

  9. I made the blueberry one n eventho it quite pricey but it really worth it

  10. How did you make the heart ice cubes?

  11. HolisticLee Driven

    W-ow! These all look really good. Yumm! As I am a mango fanatic, I would definitely have to try that last one. TFS! Eager to try!

  12. Strawberry Milkshake looks awesome gonna make it tomorrow!!!!!

  13. what a lot messing about ok if your a millinare

  14. what a lot of pissing about

  15. what alotof pissing about

  16. what a lot of pissing about

  17. Can I just like, have all 5 for my breakfast tomorrow hahaha

  18. I love your channel so much! I just made some homemade granola from your recipe and I am going to try the blueberry muffin smoothie for lunch today with granola on top of it!!!

  19. Applesong -iscool

    so many cold hearts broken </3

  20. Giulien Messinger

    any reason to not use regular milk except for keeping it Vegan?

  21. where did you get your necklace?? its so beautiful!

    I'm obsessed with the vegan chocolate smoothie..
    usually I use whatever I have (banana, dates, cacao powder, almond milk, peanut butter, oats, walnuts, maple syrup…) and it's always delicious!!!!!

  23. Subscribed
    looking for Foods that will keep me energized all day and help me loose weight with a daily workout routine

  24. before the video started there was a mcdonalds smoothie advertisement lol

  25. Loved it!

  26. I'm gonna try the blueberry muffin one tomorrow!

  27. man, those all look delish! Time to gather the ingredients!

  28. So so so excited to try these!! Thank you for your awesome videos! <3

  29. r those seedless grapes?

  30. This was sooooo helpful I am a new vegan and needed help with some recipes!

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