45 Dishes under 600 ||Unlimited Vegetarian Buffet Food at Barbeque Nation||

Barbeque Nation one of the better know barbeque buffets in the F&B industry. In this video, I show you what a usual buffet at Barbeque Nation is like and will talk …


  1. mrs. prachee arya

    Well! Du u even knw jo stuff and veggies and non veg use hota hai woh sabse low third grade sada hua quality use hota hai because its made in bulk and itne spices masalas aur grilling and sauces mei cover hone ke baad pata nai chalta bas tasty lagta hai.buffet mei sabse ganda khaana banta hai .aur baasi cheezein bhi use hoti hai jo gravy mei dalne ke baad pata nai chalta.never eat buffet food

  2. Hey why Video totally unplanned ,un edited in disarray…………………….total madness

  3. I think pirates of grill rajouri garden is the best . Pirates of grills offering lots of unlimited drinks with unlimited foods….. and the food is so delicious, they serve lots of variety

  4. *Much ado about nothing

  5. hey bro u from faridabad ………. m also food vlogger from faridabad

  6. I am definitely going to BBQ next! Keep up the good work bro and keep posting such informative content. 🙂

  7. very helpful video and barbeaue nation is the best

  8. sukhwinder sharma

    Waa. Itna Sara khana. Tempting.

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