Today I am sharing with you 4 Quick Healthy Vegetarian Family Meals. I really hope you like them 🙂 . Thank you to Quorn for working with me on this video.


  1. Tracy Farebrother

    All look delish but going 2 try stir fry xxx

  2. Would you try going vegetarian for a week and vlogging it? Would be interesting to watch and see how you all got on!

  3. Another reason: less pressure on farmed animals ie less cruelty!!
    Great video ❣️

  4. Bean chilli looks really good. Will try on Sunday.

  5. I have been watching your videos for a while now but I am not much of a subscriber in general. But I have recently just subscribed to you. Your videos bring such comfort and joy when I watch them. Thankyou <3

  6. These are fantastic! Can't wait to see which one will be my little one's favourite!

  7. Daniella Hodgson

    Need to try that bean chilli! We love brocolli and cheese pasta and bean and cheese quesadillas are really good too! X

  8. Do you have a brother named Justin Norris

  9. Thank you for posting this kind of content. Conscious living parenting. Even people doing ONE day a week makes a massive difference to the environment. Lovely recipes. Thank you!!

  10. Hi I have a brother that is 16 years old and and he’s 50lbs and he still wets his pants during the day and at night and I’m trying to find diapers that he won’t soak through because we tried diapers but he soaks right through them and and I been trying to find diapers for him do u know what diapers I can get him

  11. Kate Ababyaflatandafiat

    These are great ideas, I am always running out of things to cook!

  12. I regularly eat quorn sausages and pieces. Although I'm not keen on the mince, but then I don't like meat mince either. I like using the quorn pieces to make a Jalfrezi.

  13. Hi I've been following you for.a year now..love your videos. Very inspiring. Please could you do a video for entertaining a toddler please.


  15. The chilli looks great! Gana try that! Thanks Emily x

  16. Our family LOVES the Quorn escalopes!

  17. Miss Horror Geek

    You are not a vegetarian family? I thought you all were…

  18. Ashleigh Armentrout

    yesssss!!!! as a vegan who loves her this is really great!

  19. Nice video.
    If the kids like McDonald’s chicken nuggets then you have to try the quorn crispy chicken nuggets. They taste just like them.
    My daughter agreed with me and loved them…. she would never normally eat quorn!

  20. Quarn products are amazing I’m a vegetarian and I don’t miss out on a thing,even do bacon looks like the old wham bars but honestly soooo good,everything can be cooked from frozen healthier and let’s not forget most importantly it’s not meat,thanks Emily was nice to see this xxx

  21. Loved all of them will surely try

  22. OhSo Mr and Mrs Murray

    meal inspo is always good! Do more! x

  23. I love Jackson favorite meal

  24. Have you tried the quorn sandwich slices? My little girl LOVES them especially the turkey and stuffing style slices they are delicious and so soft and easy for younger children to eat I highly recommend them 🙂 xx

  25. Thanks for the new ideas, will def use your recipes ♡

    Veggie is also better for the animals !
    And for your own health, vegetarian meals are good too (psychologist speaking): less aggression, more focus, less chance on cardiac diseases nd way more! Loooove how conscious and thought through life you lead your fam to live ! Honestly , you are a hero!

    My fav dish is Jackson's fav.. or the noodles… or the beans … hard too choose , Emily! You seem a great chef! Wish you could make us digi-taste it haha 🙂
    My husband hates Bolognese sauce, but he can eat sandwiches for once haha! No just joking, I'll make him something else.

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