4 Vegan Breakfasts (Quick + Easy): Chia Pudding, Muesli Parfait, Smoothie Bowl and Turmeric Oatmeal

I made this in hope of inspiring vegan breakfast habits with four simple recipes on the sweeter spectrum of breakfast delights. Let me know what you think and share with us in the comments…


  1. Love these recipes ! I would not have thought to use frozen courgettes in a smoothie, I'll have to try it out ! Wonder if it would work with brocoli, otherwise… Have you tried other frozen greens with that smoothie bowl ?

  2. I like to use baby spinach and baby salad greens in smoothies or smoothie Bowls because they are the easiest to cover the flavor. Although I like the flavor of those greens as well. I have also used baby kale and adult kale and for those add some fresh pineapple or Frozen it seems that pineapple overrides adult kale flavor.

  3. My favorite breakfast is overnight oats with berries. I can make it the evening before and have a hearty nutritious meal a couple of hours after I wake up. The overnight oats can also be heated if someone wants hot porridge. I'm thinking of buying that oat milk that you have. I tried another brand and I found it to be bitter. Is this oat milk that you use tasty? It would have to be very good because I can only get it online here in the US. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Very clearly, like it a lot.

  5. you look like the singer Aurora

  6. Lourdes Alvarado

    I loved your recipes!!! beautiful!

  7. all things green

    Härlig kanal, vad roligt att du kommenterade hos mig så att jag hittade hit <3

  8. Awesome video! It looks amazing

  9. i love all these recipes the look amazing, i love porridge but i do 1 : 3 :1 ( oats : Water : milk) i love a creamy but softer porridge  that is not so claggy but still use this recipy just different ratios

  10. What camera do you use for filming? 🙂 Beautiful!

  11. Here from henya!

  12. Roberta Dittrich

    You're so pretty, like very pretty!

  13. Flowered Sentiments

    Where can I find the muesli recipe?

  14. beautiful channel! I'm so glad I found you! 🙂

  15. Ksenia - Breakfast Criminals

    Love all of them! Criminal! <3

  16. Why is this channel not huge?? Great ideas and lovely video. Subscribing 🙂

  17. Abundantlyblessed

    Thank you, the smoothie bowl looks yummy!

  18. Hannah Vandebrouck

    Wow your channel is soo cool 🙂

  19. I was highly anticipating this video after seeing your instagram post yesterday, AMAZING recipes yet again! If you ever were to open up a cafe/restaurant I would consider flying out of Canada just to visit haha.

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