4 Salad-In-A-Jar Recipes

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  1. Brian Lamar Carter

    Heyy where do you get these jars?

  2. I don't really like tomato so what can I use instead

  3. Superficialdrama fan

    How does one eat salad in a small mouthed jar?

  4. How I can eat the salad? I take the jar to uni and eat it from the jar or put on plate?

  5. Excellent video, can I vacuum the jar and make the salad last longer?

  6. I want to see DomesticGeek kitchen sets and stuff. cuuuteee

  7. Hi may i ask if u can share w us some breakfast spread? Other than egg mayo, tuna mayo, avocados what else can we make spread?

  8. Des Swags Curtain Maker

    Very organised. This looks interesting. Must try. Thanks.

  9. I love your ideas, i will try these soon, and as a vegetarian, i love they have protein and options. 🙂 THANK YOU

  10. Old Oats or Quick Oats?

  11. Love your video's !
    Can you check my first cooking video and let me know what you think about it ;);)

  12. New sub here. Love this channel. Keep it coming girl.

  13. Can i substitute sweet potatoes instead of red ?

  14. you are awesome

  15. olive oil solidifies in refrigeration. so i guess these jars wont work with dressings that have oilve oil?

  16. I just made the Asian Salad in a jar. So good!! I added some rice vinegar to the dressing for a bit more tang and added some chow mein noodles for crunch. Such a great option for lunch. Thanks for the unique recipes!

  17. muchas gracias por la informacion.vivimos en España.

  18. Where do you get the jars?

  19. I love salads too! please would you make vídeos ideas, the best apliances for cooking, how to cut vegetales, storage. I love your Chanel.

  20. I love the recipes, I just need to use a wide mouthed jar since eating these in the ones you're presenting them in just makes a huge mess. Plus it's hard to get at everything, including the dressing.
    But thank you, particularly your oatmeal and ramen shows. They saved me during lunch – I was just pounding down ensures because I just don't have time to make anything during the day. I work near 12 hours a day lol

  21. I cannot find the recipes 'below'.. ?

  22. So how do I eat this? o3o

  23. anyone know of another dressing besides the avacodo one ? I'm allergic to avocados

  24. great idea, easy to empty the jar into a bowl.

  25. Just found your channel, because of the Halloween season!! LOVE all these ideas, and you have such a beautiful personality!! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

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