4 Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes Made Under 10 Minutes | Breakfast Ideas for The Whole Week(Mon-Fri)

Hello everyone! This video is brought to you by Pintola. Pintola Unsweetened Peanut Butter: https://amzn.to/2Fpgo92 | http://bit.ly/2Ctv8Cd Pintola Honey Peanut …


  1. Hey Saloni di,
    You definitely earned my heart through your content
    It's something new and very helpful
    I'm not going to compare u to others cause ofcourse you and they are all different in there work and preforming there role but as per your voice and your life changing advices they are really helpful.
    I have a suggestion for your content
    As you have a beautiful voice why don't you read or narrate some good novels on your channel
    Make series kinda thing or whatever that's productive for you
    It's up to you
    That's just my heartfelt suggestion

  2. God so in love with ur receipe series…. Much love n much needed

  3. Hey dear… can you please tell me that these peanut butter and almond butter of this brand has preservative or not?

  4. Good job dear…Love u

  5. Thanks yaar.. for giving such wonderful tasty, healthy & quick recipes… just loved these…

  6. omegadriver service

    hey saloni dii you are awesome i love ur videos

  7. Recipes are great dear please let me know which brand griller do u use?

  8. .Ma'am how do u edit it videos plz plz batao ya video me batao

  9. Great recipes! Will definitely try them! Loved your cutting board…where did you get it from?

  10. Bang on! Love your food recipes!!! Glad you're back with them!

  11. Completely enjoyed watching this

  12. Great & healthy breakfast recipes!!!

  13. Right time this vdo posted.. I am busy with my dissertation.. Having brkfst always frm outside.. Now these dishes will help me save time.. Thank u saloni

  14. What are these very important nutrients in peanut butter?

  15. Stay blessed

  16. Super receive dear

  17. Moushree's little world

    Delicious & healthy breakfast.. #moushreeslittleworld

  18. Archana Yarlagadda

    apple smoothie is too good ..thanks for such a lovely recepies ❤️ can you please share us more types of green smoothies.

  19. Loved all the recipes!

  20. Hey
    all receipes are so delicious..I will try smoothie receipe.

  21. Beautifully explained

  22. Deekshita Paliath

    Saloni could you make a natural hair care video.

  23. I will surely give a try.i was looking for easy breakfast recipe s.thanks a lot.

  24. Di please make a vdo for hostelers…in hostel room with the use of electric kattele which reciepie we can make…plz di plz

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