Hey everyone!! Here are some of my favorite Daniel fast recipes!! I hope you try them out and let me know God bless you Join the Family: …


  1. Ppl need to know that every stage of kidney disease diet is different. Me for example I can’t consume a lot of potassium phosphorus or protein. Ask your dr or your dietitian.

  2. I would love to try vegan meals it's just costly, exspessially when you have to feed the rest of your family what they like to eat.

  3. omg! I needed new inspiration for my meal prep. I was getting bored of eating the same thing. Definitely trying. looks yummy, especially the platanos.

  4. I like you. I'm subscribing ❤

  5. What’s you dose of prednisone? I did the juice from your other video. Will try this smoothie . I’m on 24mg of prednisone and have been in for 6 years now

  6. Hey Cindy can I drink cold water after kidney transplant

  7. Hi cindy! Does Predisone make you super hungry? It does for me! If so, how do you control your appetite? It makes me want to eat everything!

  8. I have been vegan for nine years. Do you think drinking one Dr. Zevia soda a day is hurting my kidneys? It is colorless and made with stevia. That was the hardest thing to try to quit. My kidney doc said it was fine, but I am unsure.

  9. I am 16 years in with my transplant and your videos are very helpful.

  10. Cindy I love your channel, keep up the great work.

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