4 Pasta Recipes | Quick and Easy Pasta Recipes

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  1. Hi the second pasta is good bt you not name it as pesto that's not how pesto is made …and the third pasta is a one pot pasta the whole grain takes hrs to cook and mushroom.cooks so soon rather I think spegeti should be used instead

  2. Awesome!! Will try it soon X

  3. truthfully it to be a good funnel along with We discover it rather fascinating your videos… Congratulations!

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  5. I wrote all of them in my recipe notebook I can not wait to make them.hmm what one next

  6. mashroom and corn are your favourite
    you have used in your maximum recipes

  7. can we use any type of pasta

  8. You cook vegetarian recipes but Parmesan cheese is not vegetarian.

  9. Can you please tell which brand pasta is that?

  10. Very nice n easy.thanks.

  11. refined flour ?

  12. Superb! Please show pink pasta too!

  13. very nice u r great

  14. Refined flour wt?

  15. Superb..

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