4 New Years Vegan Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss

I give you a bit of weight loss peptalk in the start then show you 4 super yummy recipes from the raw till 4 book. Recipes start at 2:20 ♥ MY RAW TILL 4 EBOOK …


  1. Hi Freelee! I don't always agree with everything you say, but I love your core message. I found your channel about a year ago after doing a low carb (vegetarian) diet that left me feel drained and irrational. Having someone say that carbs are good and not the enemy and that calorie restriction is not only bad, but doesn't make sense was exactly what I needed to hear at the time. I was so obsessed about food and would always feel so bad when I binged. Now I eat delicious, nutritious, vegan food everyday and have never felt or looked better in my life. My husband and I will have been vegan for one year pretty soon and we are never going back. I'm so grateful to you and a few other vegan YouTubers for showing us all the way. Thank you.

  2. King Spooky Skeleton

    Please do a video on Azealia Banks sacrificing chickens in her closet

  3. why do u pose as a stripper in your thumbnails? To get views ? how cheap

  4. Freelee! Pls make a video on Azalea Banks scarifying chickens in her closet for 3 years and Sia talking against her act!!

  5. Freeleeeeee, go watch Channon Rose's video about not being vegan anymore (she posted it like 2 weeks ago but whatever) and go watch Trisha's vid on being vegan again

  6. I just wanted to say thank you for being such a positive influence, I have been watching you for over 5 years now. Many people have been very critical towards you, and they will continue to be so. BUT they don´t seem to understand how many people who needs to hear the message that you are spreading. So I just wanted to say, Thank you!

  7. Didn't you kinda give Andreas choice crap for eating zucchini noodles instead of real pasta bc it wasn't enough calories?

  8. I think the raw vegan food diet is absolutely stupid and irresponsible, but these recipes look good.

  9. Watch Trishas new year. new me. video and make a video responding to it.


  11. Fuck raw till 4 man. I could never eat so much cold food ffs.. I need my cooked potatoes & stuff to stay sane. Don't eat complete 100% garbage & low fat as well. I already feel way more amazing than I ever did when I was still consuming dead body parts. Just be vegan the way u want, period.

  12. These were great recipes but you needed to add a huge green salad to the day's menu!

  13. I loved it, but rice makes me bloated and I realised it actually makes me put on weight!! What do you think please?

  14. Stephanie Lepic-Clark

    Freelee I've been vegan for 2 years but still suffer with acne. Doctors want to put me on Accutaine but I said no way. Is there anything you can suggest?

  15. Brittany Roberts

    Trisha pastas claims she's going "vegan" again.

  16. the last recipe looked soo good

  17. Love when you make these videos. I'm in the process of going completely vegan so all the recipes and advice help a lot!

  18. Freelee!! Please make a video reacting to Nickacado Avocado's recent video "I don't want to be vegan anymore" he said all kinds of really false/misguided things and with his large platform I'm worried he might steer some newer vegans away from veganism!

  19. I wish you had been on youtube when I was in highschool. this diet has helped me soooo much. Love!

  20. Freelee please do a video reacting to the 10,000 calorie challenge!!

  21. I'm only hungry like once a day (around lunch) otherwise I always feel full, but I get horrible, HORRIBLE cravings which causes me to overeat when I'm not hungry at all. I drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits so what am I doing wrong? D:

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