4 Make-Ahead Vegan Breakfasts (Healthy & Freezer Friendly)

Today I’m sharing 4 of my favourite make ahead breakfasts to meal prep! They’re all vegan + gluten free with both sweet and savory options. I hope you guys …


  1. Those little egg muffins are going on my “to-make” list for sure!

  2. lisa : “healthy enough to eat for breakfast”
    me : will eat cheesecake for breakfast

  3. That egg muffin recipe would also make a great quiche!

  4. I'll make all of these. Also, thank you for including macros in the recipes on your blog, it's really appreciated.

  5. Looks great! Can I use regular flour if I don’t gave gluten free?

  6. Do you use soft or firm tofu for the egg recipe? Does it matter?

  7. Just found your channel and I'm so happy, you're such a gem!

  8. I tried the zucchini bread & was a little disappointed with how dry it was. So I just doused it with agave/honey. Might need to add more zucchini!! 🙂

  9. I make Golden Milk Overnight Oats with dried goji berries. I know. So "trendy" right? Well, I have so much turmeric that I needed to use up and I decided to try it out and I'm so hooked! #nofoodwaste I'm going to try to make sweet breakfasts using lentils or chickpeas! I'm also hooked on baked oats! So delicious! <3 <3 Do you have a vegan baked oats recipe? Would love to know what you can make because I currently have a recipe that calls for eggs, and want to know what do to make it vegan.

  10. ⵏⴰⴷⴰ- ⴻⵔⵔⴰⴱⵉⵄ ⵄⵉⵙⴰⵡⵉ

    'Frying' garlic in water is an eating disorder behavior. Is a small amount of oil that scary to you ?! Jeez! . Smh .

  11. These look so good! Thank youuuuu

  12. YESSSS Lisa!!!! These look amazing

  13. these all look amazing ! thank u for all of ur lovely videos, it always makes me happy to see a notification from your channel

  14. Plantifully Based

    gotta make those egg muffins!!! love these meals Lisa! <3

  15. Looks so good 🙂

  16. They look absolutetly delicious 🙂 Thanks

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