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  1. Angelina Nicolle

    pancakes thiccccer than a bowl o' oatmeal

  2. Angelina – where do you live? I saw some bottles and brands in some of your old videos that are the same as mine over in Qld Aus so I was wondering if you were from here (or if the USA just has the same brands as us)

  3. you’re so pretty!!!!!!!

  4. You just got V E C T O R E D

    What would you recommend instead of almond or coconut milk? (I’m allergic)

  5. Ok but those pancakes are thickkkk

  6. You can buy chickpea flour at most Indian grocery stores- it should be called "Besan" 🙂

  7. You’re hella cute and your skin is glowy af

  8. Your What I Eat in a Day vids are so great! Currently Binging #NewSubbie

  9. Tempeh is really good! We ppl in asia always eat it heheh

  10. Mysterious Chocolate Chip

    If i wasn't fructose intolerant, life would be so much better. I'd eat so much fruit.

  11. I swear my body is broken or sum cuz I digest oatmeal so quickly. Like crazy fast less than an hour after I eat a lot of oatmeal but fruit or whatever my stomach will be grumbling like 40 minutes to an hour later. It's so crazy! So I hate eating oatmeal for breakfast. I just digest food very quickly so i don't think I'm actually broken I take it back.

  12. any advice for new youtubers!!?

  13. okay ur legit my fave youtuber now like yesss im here for it

  14. Please make more vegan recipes! These are great 🙂

  15. Can't wait to try these out! 🙂 Please make more vegan food recipe videos! 🙂

  16. Charne Van rensburg

    Love your videos ❤❤

  17. The pan that you are using needs to be “seasoned” (which is pretty much get a paper towel with olive oil and get it all over the pan before and after use). I forgot what they are called but they are great with daily iron intake and it has less chemicals then a normal pan. Although I personally don’t use them I encourage you to do research.

  18. These videos recently have been giving me life!! You go girl!

  19. I think we're all here for those pancakes

  20. I‘m staying at a hotel over Christmas and they served Chickpea Omelette for breakfast today so I already had my high protein breakfast but these recipes will come in handy when I’m back home.

  21. Just got up and wondered what I should eat. Then your video popped up 🙂 greetings from Germany

  22. Great! In Poland at this time is breakfast time. 😀

  23. Yum! can’t wait to give them a try!! love u angelina

  24. Great video and the recipes look delicious. Thanks so much for sharing !!! Hope you and your parents have a wonderful Christmas !!!

  25. I ain't even vegan and I'm trynna eat like this. Do you have any food ideas for weight loss (sorry if this is a touchy topic. I'm basically trying really hard to eat healthy. Since today I was abruptly hit with the fact I'm extremely obese. )

  26. DUuuuuUUDE come back to Australia so I can meet you. ty xx you're friggin rad

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