In this video: 4 Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas! ♡ Save on 1Up Nutrition Supplements with code: *RANDI20* (https://1upnutrition.com) ORDER 5 FREE 1UP …


  1. Arianna Velásquez

    Omg thank you for doing this video! It was super helpful ❤️

  2. Random question dear, which Tilapia brand do you buy as Im concerned about mercury/metals.. LUV YAH

  3. Where do you find that bread?

  4. Randi.. I bought my 1up multi and omegas.. I did save my 25% using randis code!! I really love that coconut protein it’s amazing!

  5. Love this video. Definitely making eggwhite bites this week

  6. Great ideas!

  7. Love breakfast!!! Im vegetarian so love all these ❤️

  8. Has anyone here tried the One Up protein powder, is there an after taste to it?

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