4 Healthy Vegan Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. Wow this channel is awesome! Thank you for the wonderful healthy recipes. How do you calculate the calories for your recipes? Do you have a link to a calorie calculator? This would really help me to calculate the calories for some of the other recipes I make.

  2. Nyamurungi B Tumusiime

    Anyone, whats the difference between zuccini and cucumber?

  3. Oh thanks I really needed that ♥️

  4. Your videos very helpful to me…❤❤❤

  5. Nice video I'll give a try….

  6. Really this is seriousfitness

  7. excellent…

  8. The Mrs.Hampton Show

    Can you chop my veggies! Lol Awesome recipes!

  9. Also use pasta..

  10. Your videos have helped me lose 30 pounds. Keep them coming

  11. 1st comment , nice recipes

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