4 Healthy Tortilla Wraps Recipe

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  1. just made the veg tortilla – tastes good!

  2. Maria Filippoglou


  3. My go-to wrap is tuna with peppers, onion, sweetcorn and cucumber. I have it at least once a week during the summer because its easy, refreshing and delicious.

  4. Monica Levy Tyler

    No sauce?

  5. Video on how to make these wheat tortillas

  6. Why i always cant close tortilla..? Is it because i put too many? I gues i need bigger one 🙂

  7. seriously, you are doing a great job with your channel

  8. Im following url dies food it's just amazed nd working it!!!!more videos we wants.

  9. Loved the grilled turkey tortilla

  10. Can you explain how you calculate the fat % pls… I dont understand…

  11. black wolf spirit

    That last one looks great

  12. It is labelled healthy as she is avoiding any kind of meat.

  13. I don't think those are whole wheat tortillas. They look like white flour tortillas.
    Anyway, I'm glad I discovered your channel, with some more healthy options and ideas!

  14. I could just put all that good stuff in bowl together and eat it all, looks so good.

  15. Very nice

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