4 Healthy Pasta Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. Dilraj Dhillon Mavi

    Nice… yammy

  2. Eat Fancy on a diet! So nice for u to include a fancy the cutlery holder!

  3. Breaking pasta with is bad omen.. why break it…?

  4. Good effort. To me personally the first one looked pitiful

  5. There are something that easily canot found in all countrys and grocery markets.hit like if any one agree.

  6. SleepWorker Studios

    Sorry I wanted to ask… is it really that cheese gonna help me lose weight ?

  7. Oh you decorate the plate.Wonderful

  8. Do I need to fold napkins for weight loss

  9. You are amazing….

  10. Like how you got the little folding tutorials aswell xD

  11. I live on Youtube and….. this presentation was among the best I've seen. The perfect pitch of detail re text, images and editing.

  12. i like past

  13. I liked the napkin tricks more than the recipes

  14. misshala misshalapisschools


  15. I guess the origami thing is there to keep your brain occupied and make you forget about the small portion you're going to eat

  16. what if my sardines come with tomato flavour in the tin? shall i just throw the whole lot in lol?

  17. O maronna..

  18. Looks great but small portions!

  19. I'm so happy the one with tomato sauce is considered healthy. They are delicious

  20. Ricetta italiana

  21. Half of this of the napkin folding tutorial
    And that pretty awesome.

  22. Lovely decoration for marvelous recipe

  23. The avocado recipe called for olive oil and basil but you didn't use it at all so what I just did is I cut the tomatoes up with salt pepper olive oil and basil mixed it together and put it in the avocado

  24. I want to try this pasta…

  25. I'll use quinoa spaghetti because I have celiac,the rest is good.

  26. Should be called: pasta recipes + origami

  27. i need three of those servings to feel full

  28. Antonella Monserrat

    Absolutely loved it ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Excellent,ideas and recipe ,thank u

  30. Last one is that easiest and fastest

  31. When the person broke the pasta in half I was almost about to murder

  32. very good demo .

  33. Simple food yummy and affordable

  34. Love it.

  35. Do you have a pasta recipe that combines avocado, fresh basil and chicken breast?

  36. Nice…

  37. Low budget huh

  38. Hahahaha i feel like went home to our province haha

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