4 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss With Eggs | Weight Loss Recipes

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  1. Adah Dempsey-Baddeley

    umm some of those were not breakfast

  2. So looks yummy I'll try it

  3. Sophiya’s Adventure

    I love these last recipie I haven’t tried it but I will

  4. Bravo pour vos vidéos j'adoreeeeeee

  5. Great video no talking fast easy to rember……

  6. Very usefull

  7. Bengali Vlogger USA

    Thanks for this breakfast ideas

  8. Thank you for sharing these healthy and easy breakfast recipe!! Love it!!

  9. Thanks for the last recipe. I try it and I'm full now.

  10. Replacement for avocado?

  11. thank you sir

  12. Must mention calories

  13. Its workin!

  14. Looks so yummy yaar. I can't wait to have.. Thank you for sharing this

  15. Avacados ain't cheap !!!

  16. Salt and pepper dosent help in weight loss

  17. In pak avacado not available

  18. Its not healthy

  19. hi wonderfol channle
    iam from iraq iwas asking in our country we do not have avocado what could i replase it with if its possibole

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