4 Healthy Baking Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. Please stop this obnoxious music otherwise your channel is great !!!

  2. Musik ist unverträglich

  3. Can you do vegan recipes please?

  4. استمروا

  5. جميلة بحياءى

    Is that food if I eat it everyday I can loose weight? ?

  6. I want to be famous cooking expert on YouTube, i made my own cooking channel

  7. Easy and nice weldone

  8. Wow !!!so easy so delicious thankyou !!!

  9. I just sucribed to your chanel love, love your recipes everything is healthy and delicious!!!

  10. OMGosh, love the way you cook. You make it look so easy. I know it's the speed of the video but still love your cooking. . . Kudos to you my friend ♡

  11. This is absolutely amaaaazing

  12. Wawwwww

  13. Wow high carb.
    Not that healthy

  14. Very good audio

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  16. OMG it's soo good!!!

  17. I really liked that pasta tuna bake and the blueberry muffins… :-]

  18. Can I use olive oil instead of canola for the banana bread? I don't have canola oil:(

  19. I love healty food

  20. Ap option Diya kro egg k ilawa kya dale

  21. Seriously this man is amazing! Love all the videos and have tried a few. Perfect for lunches And thanks for putting the recipes in the description box below. And not making us go elsewhere.

  22. Pls write recips with gram.thx

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