4 Easy Veggie-Packed Dinners

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  1. Can you swap the squash for potatoes in the mac and cheese?

  2. My kids hate veggies but love meat… THANK YOU!!!

  3. It's not veggie if 90% of the recepie is 3 different meats

  4. I really do love veggies bat seriously the veggie meat balls are a great idea

  5. Probably someone did it on purpose since they had to do a veggie video someone’s on their period and very moody and want fatty foods instead

  6. I thought I mysteriously went deaf…

  7. When the media company you work for cares so little about the quality of your work and just wants views.

  8. Why the speakers are no sound?!?!?!?

  9. is this song on itunes?

  10. finally, good music!

  11. with so much complaining about bad music, they removed it completely

  12. I think i went temporarily deaf for about 3 minutes..

  13. Sound=oof

  14. Why no sound?

  15. I think I liked it better without the background music.

  16. hire a new sound guy.

  17. Easy way around the silence is just to play a different tasty video in another window at the same time.

  18. add sound and upload again?

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