4 Easy Vegetarian Keto Snacks | Caprese – Sauteed Mushrooms – Creamed Spinach – Lemon Pepper Paneer

Get the recipes with macros at Caprese: https://headbangerskitchen.com/recipe/keto-caprese/ Mushrooms: …


  1. What's that last one? Panin?

  2. Shail bhai make some dish with buttermilk

  3. Hi, thank you for sharing the awesome recipes, can you please make a vegetarian easy to make keto snacks video , I have been waiting for long I need something that I can eat on the go.

  4. Welcome to Chickenlandia

    WHAAAAAAAT??? Omg I want all of that so much!!!!!

  5. Nicest keto veg spread ever. Thank you.

  6. Can I have soy nuggets as a part if keto?

  7. Is paneer a tofu or cheese

  8. Can we have mayonnaise in keto diet

  9. There are good articles on keto diet in bakewings blogs.just google bakewings blogs and click on first link.

  10. Holisticliving Radhika

    Thanks for amazing V dishes, refreshing options! Off the Keto meat cart 🙂

  11. M m. M. M. M. M mm M m. M. M m m. Mm. M m mm. M mm. M m m m m. M mm. M m m m. M. M. M. M m m m m. Mm. M. M. Mm m mmm

  12. the audio phasing is crazy, just had to comment because im a loud mouth bsh

  13. Please mention source of some ingredients like Fresh Mozzarella. I don’t find them easily.

  14. Back music is very irritating

  15. I am new but as far as i read on keto you are not allowed to have tomatoes in keto diet.

  16. bronysuredoes lovegabriel

    Watched it. Tried it. Ate it. Loved it.

  17. Wow.. this is awesome!

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