4 Easy Indian Dinner Recipes Under 30 Minutes | 4 Quick Dinner Ideas | Simple Living Wise Thinking

In this video I have shared 4 easy Indian dinner recipes under 30 minutes.I have shown how can you prepare 4 quick dinner ideas.This all recipes are Indian …


  1. plz make a video how to make CHAPATHI / ROTI !!!!!!❤❤❤

  2. last is the mouth watering recipe…jive jol chole eseche..Rai kemon ache..?

  3. worst matar paneer ever….

  4. Sumana Chakravarty

    oh Payal thanks tomar reciper compilationer jonno.. definitely try the palak rice today.

  5. Tressa's Stay at Home Life

    Great recipes, Payal!! I love when you share your easy recipes. I have to try some of the spices you used because I have never tried them before. Thank you for sharing all you do because I am trying to learn and you give very good instructions. Hope you are having a great day!!——Tressa Daigle

  6. hi payal maam mouth watering dishes my favourite curd simple and neat

  7. syeda amtul zehra

    Hi payal, thanks a lot for sharing such superb n quick recepies, I will definitely want to try, take care love you

  8. dear Payal,

    I tried sending you my pulav pixs but server prob. So not able to send it. Is there any other way plz lemme know

  9. Every recipes are mouth watering, I will make paneer recipe tomorrow. Payal I used lime while cooking rice it's really worked, thank u. Please upload some home made facial treatment, if possible anyway kub bhalo laglo

  10. Hi Payal. ..I have made Palak Rice for dinner tonite. I have tasted it a little. ..its turned out very yum. Thanks for the recipe. Plz keep posting yummy recipes. love to watch your cooking videos.

  11. yummy

  12. very nice mam

  13. yummy dishes n very simple to make. plz keep sharing such recipies. love to watch ur videos

  14. hi payal nice recipe

  15. Rinki Chakraborty

    hi payal will surely try your dish this Sunday the palak rice n paneer

  16. Quick recipes loved it ……. Hiii to ur cute daughter!!!

  17. hi dear,thanks for the yummy recipes,palak an paneer r my all time favourite..
    sorry Payal what is paanch Puram??

  18. Hi payal
    Plz share ur email id

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