4 Delicious Ten Minute Meals That Happen to be Vegetarian

Good day Munchers! Life is a crazy wild ride, you never know where the wind will blow you. Recently I went to Ireland and had the chance to hang with the one …


  1. Great video the happy pear are great

  2. sharon anderson

    Glad y'all got together. Brother's gen eats came to new York with zilch. And made it.

  3. That stir-fried noodle dish looks amazing, but it's definitely not in any way a pad Thai

  4. Made it using sunflower seeds and coconut flakes for the base…. didn't have walnut or almond….came out fantastic…. thanks

  5. We want the recipe

  6. Got to say, this is more of vegan recipes than vegetarian

  7. I don't like to say it ,but the happy pear guys look so much healthier than Josh in their body structure and color ,says a lot about food and water in US and Ireland .

  8. Josh is so calm now a day. I missed wacky and funny Josh.

  9. these twins have trouble listening and connecting

  10. Shannon Garrett

    Nice video! An awesome addition to the porridge would also be hemp hearts! They have a texture and flavor very similar to oats and they have a phenomenal protein and amino acid profile!

  11. I'm coming to Ireland just to spend most meals eating in your cafes! I lived in the UK for 15 years and I wish now I had made it over to Ireland so that I could have eaten at your Cafe however I was not vegan then but I would have gone to a vegan restaurant on my own because I did love other things more than meat. I wasn't a big meat eater.

  12. 12 servings? Not in my world!

  13. Love it when you upload veggie recipes 🙂

  14. WTF they ruined the Indian dal nooooo……!!

  15. RomanticTrumpeteer

    Does anyone have the recipes for these? I want to make the dahl but I cant tell what liquids they put in it

  16. For the pad thai I recommend adding tamarind paste, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and peanuts 🙂 Obviously there are so many variations on this dish!

  17. Looks amazing!

  18. These two definitely tag teamed josh after the video was done shooting

  19. I love your shows I just wish you had recipes. I know you guys wing it and know how much to add but for a amateur like me I have stop your video and write down the ingredients. Or pause the video rewind or fast forward. Not complaining just wish there were ingredients in the info..

  20. Josh's facial expressions in the background are priceless

  21. I am also so uncomfortable that they ignored the guy in the middle

  22. Is there an alternative to the soy sauce ? I dont eat soy but would love to zry this meal !

  23. Anyone know what else they added to the Dahl when they threw in the lentils and chickpeas? Was it coconut milk?

  24. XacbertdeBarbeira

    I've watched this five times now, and every single time I've stumbled over "feed your inner Stalin"… Meals look delicious, even brought me back to regularly eating porridge.

  25. good video.

  26. MrsSmithsince08 XOXO AKA MotherEarth

    Could you use carob chips for the tart? Are they a healthy alternative also?

  27. Tristan Overacker

    ammen budder

  28. I love how he says noodles

  29. legzandherpiano

    lol literally eating oatmeal while I watch this.

  30. Cooking might be 10 minutes or less, but prep takes 45 minutes. Only slightly misleading.

  31. Fresh Medjool Dates can be expensive depending on where you live. You can use pitted dates but soften them up first by letting them soak in warm water. Then, because that water will have the date goodness in it, use that water for the blendability.

  32. I need to find me a man who will talk about me the same way these guys talk about their food.

  33. Josh couldn't even get a word in LOL. Those guys are so annoying omg

  34. Nothing against vegetarian meals at all. Alot of them taste great and I eat them often. I just wish some of the better meals didn't have so many damn ingredients. Like yea the cook time doesn't take that long, but all the ingredients to keep in mind can be a hassle.

  35. Ik you dont really try people's easy munchie stuff anymore but you need to try ritz crackers, cream cheese and peanut butter. its amazing. i do it om a bagel too

  36. seriously why do they even sell wax paper???

  37. I'm delighted to know that there are other people out there who love porridge as much as I do.  It's the proper way to start your day.  It's like getting hugged from the inside out.  I can't tell you how happy I am that it's finally porridge weather.  During the winter, even though it's dark and cold, I get up early so I can make and enjoy a good bowl of porridge before trudging to work!

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