31 One-Pot Recipes

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  1. Ananda Lawkaran

    Everything is pasta so?

  2. Lonnie Bumbalough

    And this was the best way I have seen explained!

  3. Lonnie Bumbalough

    Just cooked the first one and it was fantastic!

  4. Why is there so much Milk & Cheese in everything? –___– I would like to try these recipes without a stabbing pain of intolerance

  5. Ok, im stopping at about 7 minutes in caue its pretty relaxing and im tired
    Im on the fense about some of these being called one-pot meals. other than that, here's a tip for the road: using a potato peeler and not a vegetable peeler (they're different 😮 ) the skin on that butternutsquash will come off with much less fuss. the vegetable peeler is more for straight vegetables like carrots and cucumbers and are much less effective for curvy vegetables.

  6. 10:19 Swedish meatball pasta
    Pewdiepie would be proud

  7. There is always one thing I don't have in my house to make them

  8. Cookie and Cream

    I have never seen cheese so stringy

  9. Yes

  10. WhiteStone21475

    This is just what I needed!! Thank you! I will start at #1 and go through the list, then start over again. This is going to be fun.

  11. wait, i was searching for 311 Pot recipes……….

  12. the lack of seasoning is triggering

  13. Elizabeth Roberts

    Mmm boiled ham :s

  14. stupid imperial, the Americans are the only ones who haven't caught up!

  15. How come nobody knows how to season chicken or clean it with salt? Do y'all like that bird taste? Ew.

    The chicken fajita pasta is on the right track. Still needs more though. Like I marinade all my chicken. Except fried chicken.

  16. Please please please do a KETO recipes video

  17. Maeisha Morales

    I need to put this song on replay. I believe it cured my insomnia. I love it. I need this in my life right now. I'm falling asleep while typing this. Oh yeah….and the food looks good too☺

  18. After watching this for 30 minutes, I got up, washed the dishes, watered the house plants, and walked the dog. All the while, that song was still playing in my head. Quite enjoyable, actually.

  19. Nevermind. I screwed it up. Didn't follow recipe on separate video. Cooked pasta before… so dumb… considering how bad I eff'd it up… it came out ok…

  20. Tried making Fajita Chicken Penne… it didnt come out very good… just bland. And after I added the milk, it didnt look all red and delicious… it was just white… then I reduced it a little and added pepperjack… but still wasn't the same color and didnt look as good… mine was way lighter and kinda bland. Also used 2 green peppers and onion. No red or yellow pepper. 🙁

  21. 32 minutes of the same music repeated over and over and over… but I'm hungry now…

  22. I feel bad for lactose intolerant peeps

  23. Lets make chicken pasta but i dont hv chicken lmao

  24. cerealkillerrxD

    I liked that butternut squash trick

  25. To much spinach lol

  26. music fvckin slaps

  27. pasta, pasta, pasta, bread, pasta, pasta……

  28. I love all tasty videos but at 15:45 that looked unappetizing but that's my opinion .

  29. Wespeak Goals Highlights

    pot pot pot

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