30 Meals for $30 in 60 minutes || Plant Based Vegan Meal Prep || Steph & Adam

30 Meals for $30 in 60 minutes || Plant Based Vegan Meal Prep || Steph & Adam So this is how easy it is to make 30+ Plant Based Vegan meals in an hour!


  1. im vegetarian/vegan because i’m too lazy to cook meat

  2. StalkingPeopleThroughTarot

    Going carnivore is curing my Schizoaffective disorder.

  3. Did a grocery store really package two potatoes with styrofoam and plastic wrap? Lol

  4. Good meal prep. I'd leave out the oil though.

  5. lul that is some poverty size portions. But looks good. =)

  6. Bernardo Hernandez

    I feel like if this is supposed to last a week, the monthly expenses on groceries is a bit pricey.

  7. Nice, this guy doesn't like to waste time!

  8. A friend just told me about that documentary on NetFlix(What the health). I haven’t seen it yet but I’m already looking into changing my eating habits. I’m 55 yrs young and have struggled with my weight most of my life. I don’t do diets but I need this to be a life change. I’ve always just modified my eating. I have always found it difficult to “give up” snacks entirely. All my life I’ve heard about cutting carbs and now I’m hearing everything on the contrary with this plant based diet. I love most of what you show here in your meal prep but my problem is I also love snacks like chips, ice cream. I think I can eliminate the ice cream because my intake of ice cream is a 3oz cup of it occasionally. I’m subscribing!!

  9. Is the dog blind? He’s so cute

  10. Very entertaining and easy to follow, great personalities

  11. Choose The Red Pill

    I wish people would make a grocery list with these videos they are great but could be much better.

  12. This is the first video of yours I’ve watched and Steph and Adam are my parents names!

  13. where's the meat?

  14. Did you wash the veggies?

  15. Sorry. Motion sickness. All that moving is making me dizzy.

  16. I see that counter of plastic tubs and I'm cringing, but not for the reason you might think. I see like 9 targets for my boxador dog to enjoy eating. 0.O;

  17. good video… tip for the puppy… switch the water to bottled or at least filtered… it will stop the eyes from ozzying that brown stuff… fyi

  18. Man take a pill to deaccelerate you

  19. You guys need to have a disclaimer about how the food prices can vary country to country or even state to state. Watched this video earlier today and went to the grocery store, I purchased almost everything you have here and it was $75 dollars. AND, it only made 7 meals. 7 MEALS. I’m also in California.

  20. would love to see the knife sharpening video, if you haven't done it yet…..would you be using a wet stone??

  21. Netflix what the health brought me to a plant based diet and thus im here.

  22. You need a new camera person…

  23. But all of those containers…..throw away plastic! Cant you use glass?

  24. Mushrooms and rice should be eaten the same day or get toxic, so no for me on that!

  25. Wow! Sink water? Do you have a filter in your water? Great video and good ideas. The only thing I did not like is sink water. Not everyone has good water. Thanks

  26. Show the food more… Cant see what hes doing

  27. This video was too silly, camera was terrible, meals are boring, and no one is going to do this

  28. Christina Harrington

    You should save some of your vegetable scraps: freeze them and when you get a gallon size bag full, add water to cover and boil. Simmer for about an hour. Voila, vegetable broth.

  29. I think he is a little hyper on that Tea. LOL. I would love to try the one with Mushrooms and veggies with wild rice. But it all looked yummy.

  30. All I neeed are more pots and pans and im set

  31. My son came out of the womb liking broccoli too. It should be a club

  32. That's a Bell pepper. What where you saying about capsaicin?

  33. it's 2 cups of water to every 1 cup of rice, just fyi.

  34. Ew this looks so gross… You can't possibly enjoy this shit.

  35. i do not understand why it is okay to murder plants but not animals. can someone please explain?

  36. No offense but it seems like a lack of good brain fats. Like for example Avocado, oils, etc. I'm also wondering how you get your Omega-3's? I already know about the vegan lifestyle, was vegan, the whole thing. Just from this video I'm curious how you're getting those fats. Looks good though.

  37. 3 cups of rice needs 6 cups of water! Rice and oatmeal are 2 to 1 ratio of water to grain. Same goes for quinoa. You can cook rice and quinoa together if you want.

  38. I'm desperate to add seasoning to your ideas. They look nice,just bland and I'm all about seasoning. It's what makes good food into great food.

  39. I have no idea how to calculate calories and portions when I'm creating meals for a family or just myself. That seems so hard

  40. what a douche

  41. Salt that rice!

  42. Now im hungry

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