3 WEIGHT LOSS SALAD RECIPES l Easy Salads l RealLife Realhome

In Today’s video I will be showing you 3 Simple Healthy Weight loss salad recipes. Very easy to prepare with simple ingredients. Roasted Vegetable Salad …


  1. Thanks Ma'am ur recipe is so good it helps me mostly.Put more recipe plzz

  2. U have cold pls take care of your health .nice video .its very important for us. God bless you

  3. Simple, easy and extremely healthy salad recipes…thanks a ton dear…Get well soon…

  4. Super recipes Anu ji 🙂 and hope you feel better soon take care

  5. HouseWork Hangover

    Will definitely try out ☺ thanks

  6. Hi ANU! Thanks for recipes…….hope u well!

  7. Nice recipes. Hope you recover soon.

  8. Nice salad recipe

  9. Thanks anu i like all ur videos n really wait for u videos

  10. Sounds like you are full of cold !! Take care !!

  11. Hi Anu .. I have heard microwaving takes away all the nutrients in food … Is that so ?

  12. Nice video Anuji… take care of ur health.

  13. u HV cold I guess through ur voice we cn Mk out.. do take care…lol

  14. very nice.. god bless…plz share more…..

  15. Take care. Nice video

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