3 HEALTHY VEGETARIAN DINNER IDEAS! For $35 off your first week of deliveries, visit http://bit.ly/2ghptnW and enter hellonikki35 when you subscribe!



  2. just fyi, parmesan is not technically vegetarian cause rennet (calf stomach) is used while manufacturing it

  3. todo se ve rico y saludable pero me gustaria que activaras los subtitulos en español por favor para poder entenderte mejor. soy latina y se me dificulta un poco tu idioma. te lo agradeceria.

  4. I can't wait till I'm older and can make my own healthy food and experiment by myself in the kitchen LOL

  5. your eyebrows are different

  6. Omg i love this kind of series

  7. The last one seems to be like a modified version of biryani!

  8. I love Hello Fresh! Everything I've made from them has been so good.

  9. Susana Marti Martínez

    I want a vegan one pleasssseeeee. Love you so much xoxoxo

  10. that shimmy going into the oven gave me so much life. i might just do that everytime i bake something!

  11. The video starts at 3 minute. You are welcome !

  12. Ibwas waiting this video for about 3 hours

  13. For anyone that's actually interested in ordering – I ordered hello fresh for the first time and got my first box this week. I really enjoyed one of the meals but the other two were just mediocre. I ended up canceling for a few reasons. The mediocre meals took over an hour to make-even if they said they were rapid meals. The chopping of all of the ingredients was so time consuming. I am a dietitian and I fix healthy meals already, but as a mother of a toddler it was really hard to multitask with all of the steps involved. And because the mediocre meals were only okay, the time spent wasn't worth it. It's also hard to justify 20 dollars per meal for 2, when I can recreate it for half the price. Also, the portion sizes for 2 of the meals was not very big, but we also split with our toddler(who doesn't eat much). If you have the extra money and time, it's worth a try though. It was exciting learning how to cook new meals as well.

  14. your blue shirt is so cute nikki!

  15. looks so yummy!

  16. Yummmmmm 10/10 ps you can make really yummy cauliflower popcorn just break up into tiny florets toss in coconut oil sprinkle with nutritional yeast and pink salt and oven roast that's a yummy vegan one.Its like popcorn but made from cauliflower

  17. I love that these recipes are vegetarian!! It shows how amazing food can be even without meat! 🙂 Thanks for sharing Nikki!

  18. For someone like me who wants to try to be vegetarian not vegan btw just vegetarian this looks good to try but I can't afford that right now even with discount hopefully soon!

  19. I thought you got your veg from a farmers market….?

  20. Jazzoya Alexander

    Yass! I love it when you make vegan/vegetarian recipe videos.

  21. Omg this was so helpful!! You're so pretty and so genuine xx Love you!!

  22. Aaahh! These look amazing! Especially the noodles. I keep seeing Hello fresh everywhere, and now I kind of want to try it. :D

  23. yummy! these recipes look soo good! ilysm NIKKI

  24. yay Nikki! please keep making more food videos, I live for them!

  25. I should really get on this. I'm so picky when it comes to food and always get so lost at the grocery store. I'm going to order this now, thanks Nikki!!!

  26. yuuum ! love uuuuuuu ❤❤❤

  27. I love these dinner ideas! I'm vegetarian too!

  28. Those Udons look amazing… might try and do a variation of this this week, perhaps with some black bean sauce instead of oisin? I bet it would be great too…! Skip the honey, sprinkle with pepper and garlic, insta noodle greatness!

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