3 Vegetable Recipes to Lose Weight

Want to eat abundantly, yet lose weight at the same time? Then listen to your mum and eat your Veggies every day! Yes we do need to reduce the …


  1. We have not been able to look for some other diet program that actually got the job done and helped me keep going until now. On this guide I have actually been able to get rid of almost 16 pounds. This makes me really wish I had found out about the diet plan 砺ivi awesome plan� sooner and searched it sooner on google.

  2. sry to ask this why r u not adding any salt to ur recipes may I know the reason pls joanna

  3. Great recipes!! 🙂 I will have to try them out. I love your videos! You come up with new recipe ideas I haven't come across before and you explain them in a clear yet quick way.

  4. Eloisa /architecture

    How can I make the vegetable stock at home?

  5. I am dieting from 4 days , and it really helps thanks

  6. How about carrot sticks and French dip?

  7. Hello Joanna, let me start by saying I love all your videos/ tutorials. However I wanted to ask you, which mixed herbs did you add to the carrots?

  8. Watching this video about 2 years later and I can't wait to try these dishes for my family's Christmas dinner!

  9. hey Joanna,pls make a video about fruits salad pls…thanks for making me start to eat healthy :-)

  10. I love all 3 but most of all I love your sweet apple red cabbage because for so long I would pass the vegetable isle at the market and did not know how to prepare this vegetable……. recipes for this vegetable are common  but none can compare to this most tasty recipe…..thank you so much for creative ideas….your recipes have changed how I see food for the better….again thanks.

  11. I tried the cabbage salad and it turned out soo good!

  12. Pretty Little Liars

    Defiantly trying the carrot one considering I LOVE carrots and they improve eye sight!

  13. I just found your channel and I'm so hungry of vegetables now, how it's even possible?
    I like that ur recipes are so easy to do, I'll try all of them. I stopped smoking two months ago so now I really feel that I can educate myself to eat well and be healthy (even loosing weight), thank you so much!

  14. Hi Joanna i watched some of your video.. and i like it! It's simple and encourage me to do better about what i should eat and how to be creative about menu and yess maybe i will get bonus (weight lose edition hahaha).. keep doin it.. and thank you so much.. xo from Indonesia

  15. Really good ideas, thanks! Although I can't have any brussels or veggies of the same family (cauliflower, broccoli etc) as they give me terrible cramps. The same happens when I drink fruit smoothies or have wholemeal pasta. So I would say: be careful as not all healthy food are good for you, especially if you have stomach problems like IBS for example. Everything in moderation and we must listen to our body!

  16. Olive oil it is not a good oil for cooking because it loses all nutrients at high temperature. The same is with honey. Moreover honey is toxic at high temperatures. So, you can use coconut oil for stir-frying and raw honey to put it after the carrots are not hot anymore. Always eat 80% raw vegetables with 20% cooked, learn how to help your digestion by reading about food combing and drink water between meals. Good luck everyone! 

  17. For really healthy cooking ditch the teflon cookware..

  18. the carrots!!

  19. Thanks for sharing.  I've been looking for vegetable recipes and found your so simple to make.  Now I can eat vegetables. 

  20. love u for these dishes 

  21. I Thought uou were a vegan/vegetarian. EXCUSE ME!!! For thinking
    you were one of us.have a good day.

  22. They look wonderful! :-)

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