My ebook ‘The Mindful Life’ ☾ http://www.amelietahiti.com/ebook Showing you 3 different vegan lunch box ideas to put in your tupperware or bento school box!


  1. Sis…that falafel is RAW you'll probably get sick from it if you keep improperly cooking it. Either flatten it out into a small patty and cook it on both sides or deep fry it because THAT IS NOT HOW YOU EAT FALAFEL.

  2. C'est vraiment dommage que tu fasse pas tes vidéos en français, on a tellement peu de choix en terme de youtubeuses françaises… je trouve ça carrément cupide de ta part

  3. Eddie Gonzalez

    Cold or hot

  4. go away now, plz

    link for lunch box??

  5. Hey. I'm Amelie too!!!!

  6. I just stumbled onto your channel and I have to say, I love how well you season your food 🙂 Nommmmsss

  7. Thank you for the inspiration! <3

  8. Tu as gagné une nouvelle abonné ! 🙂 J'ai adoré ta vidéo, et tu as un superbe accent ! bisous !

  9. Roos de Waardt

    Hey, I have a question. Can you eat the sweet potato cold or do you have to put it in the microwave or something?❤

  10. I love this bentobox, but it's pretty expensive in my country.

  11. "Guacamoal" "Hyumous" "Tortillia" fucksake girl if you aren't going to learn about the food you're eating, at least know how to pronounce it

  12. What country are you from? I love your accent

  13. Heart Happy Vibes


  14. what did you do with the falafel??? my arabian heart broke… you are supposed to fry them…

  15. these ideas rock! other youtubers have designed unrealistic bento box lunches that wouldn't fill me up. these seem super filling 🙂

  16. afrenchieinlondon

    Merci pour toutes tes idées, je vais sûrement en avoir grand usage quand je débuterais mon stage et que je devrais me faire des lunchboxs ! Bisous 🙂

  17. these meals look great, plenty of inspiration

  18. Felafels are supposed to be deep-fried. I hope you didn't get sick that day.

  19. Chloe Seabourne

    I've just bought a bento box for work and this was really helpful thank you

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