3 VEGAN DINNERS TO LOSE WEIGHT! RAWVANA Hello everyone! Today I have a 3 vegan dinners recipes to lose weight! And it’s all in ONE POT! GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE: http://bit.ly/3-vegan-di…


  1. Familyyy!! So happy to be here on another video with you guys! What video do you guys want to see next!? LOVE YOU!!

  2. THE FOODS ARE SO GOOD Rawvana… I love plant-based and healthy meals so please share with us every recipes.. Thank you and love you.. <3

  3. May i ask why you dont cook anything with oil?

  4. Hola! Rawvana, super Saludes y ricos pero el arroz Brown es muy duro para cosinar junto con los vegetales .

  5. The potato salad sounds amazing! They all do, but that's my favorite. Thanks girlie!

  6. Always looks tasty! I would love the Asian rice and the last taco dish. They look the best! But, anything that has avocado is my fave.

  7. These are really easy. Thanks! I think the rice is what I'm going to try first.

  8. What about the people who need to gain weight? Being vegan in general makes weight loss inevitable, its way harder to gain weight on a vegan diet than it is to lose it

  9. SilkSatin Paradise

    Would a rivalry between two vegans still be called a ''beef''?

  10. Anastasia Siranidis

    These all look so good, I love how the potato salad is different to others. It looks so fresh

  11. Organized Homeschool Life


  12. Gosh you have to be the most beautiful woman on the planet

  13. Quinoa tacos!

  14. Where do you get these recipes? Thanks in advance 🙂

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  16. Hi I just have a few questions. Was the rice you said already pre cooked or was that raw? You then added carrots at the end of the potato recipe, usually carrots have to cook longer then the rest of those ingredients, were they raw when you put them in? Not to be a negative Nancy but a three minute video which has 3 Recipes and an intro was SO FAST!!! Next time, just slow down a little bit on recipe videos like this. This went just way too fast and I don’t understand how you made some of the stuff because there was no detail.

  17. Everything looks great but those potatoes sound really, really good right now.

  18. Hi ravana I love your videos just a question what do you do with all that food you cook for these videos?

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  20. I never ask questions but Do u have a vegan home remedy for the flu ? I really don’t want to get that shot that’s already killed a few people

  21. Hi from the UK, You look like You have the same pot as me, Saladmaster pots.

  22. #1because I love ❤️ potatoes

  23. Excellent!!! I love the 2nd and 3rd dishes. Yummy!!!! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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  25. Elizabeth SmartyPlants

    Yum these look awesome and so simple!

  26. Potatoes!!! Yummmmm

  27. Everything looks bomb

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