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  1. Angie LupusLife on Youtube

    They all look really good. Was wondering what store you usually shop at.
    Giving your video a big thumbs up

  2. Tess you're such an inspiration to me! I love all of your videos and I really admire how healthy you eat ☺️thanks so much

  3. high key hungry now

  4. omg, that chickpea pancake looks so good!

  5. LOVE! Definitely going to try these recipes out, they look sooooooo delicious <3

  6. wow you are very talented and creative you should seriously look into opening a cafe in the futrue i would come from melbourne just to go

  7. RumbiVsMelodyLP's

    Tess could u possibly make a video on how to stay healthy at schook cause i always end up have deep fried chips or veggie dim im

  8. Love!!!!!

  9. These recipes all look so amazing!!!

  10. I have never seen a savory pancake recipe in my life until now

  11. Next level.

  12. ❤️❤️❤️ gonna try them!!!

  13. Gabriella J. Silva

    Tbh I watched THE WHOLE ad

  14. Ashley Avalanche

    That last recipe was super creative and looks delicious

  15. Squats and Salads

    defo trying that tofu recipe tomorrow!!!

  16. Squats and Salads

    honestly your so talented creating these!

  17. hey tess, is that the amount of food you eat in one day?

  18. Philippine Thomas

    I'm not a vegan but I've been subscribed for a year now haha

  19. Okay. Im sorry if this offends anyone but why are your mushrooms so raw? They taste irony when theyre not thoroughly cooked.

  20. im gonna try this next week, looks so yummy.
    I know you have been to indonesia so, because im going to asia (vietnam) i'd like to know if you have some advices for a vegan person (you or any subscriber who has experienced a travel in asia as a vegan). im scared to have no choice and have to eat eggs ect…

  21. Cheap Lazy Vegan

    These are SO epic.

  22. imma be a rebel and do these on weekdays

  23. Cynthia Novillo

    Everything looks so amazing :') especially the tofu frittata 😀

  24. where´s your pan from?

  25. Musicaliridescence

    So creative! I love how the chickpea pancakes turn out to be the eggy part of an omlete! 😀 I will definitely be trying these out.

  26. Lorenzo Pederzolli

    this recipes is good, soy and soy product ogm is bad.

  27. You're always an inspiration for me.


  28. I swear if you ever open a cute little vegan cafe or restaurant, then I will move to whatever place you open it in so I can eat there every day and hive you all my money lol

  29. Wow that food looks amazing

  30. That tofu bake and the chick pea pancake look boooomb!!!

  31. why dont you use salt in your food?

  32. I love you

  33. Alina Berkowitz

    Are there any substitutes for nutritional yeast that you'd recommend ? I'm not a crazy huge fan of the taste

  34. Does anyone else hate savory meals in the morning? I don't want to be alone haha

  35. I feel like this will taste bad with no salt, can you add salt to these?

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