3 VEGAN BREAKFAST IDEAS | Delicious & Easy!

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  1. +The Vegan Solution After 4 years and half restricting calories, i have increased them since july 2017, but i have gained 22 pounds and just by eating 1400-1500 Kcal. At the moment i am not doing exercise because i have a knee pain. I haven't done exercise 2 and a haf weeks, but i don't undesrtand what is going on?? Will i lose the weight because i reached the highest weight in january of this year and since i started gaining i don´'t know what to do. (I am sooooo bloated, i feel tired, it's horrible!!!! My metabolism is forever damaged ???Any suggestions????

  2. these ideas are so much better than the other ones out there on YouTube!! Do you think you can do a video on savory breakfasts?

  3. Evolution of Masha

    Ooooh….that half cookie dough half oatmeal bowl!!! Chocolate heaven!!!

  4. Is your cocoa powder unsweetened?

  5. Do you find there is a difference in Cocoa and Cacao when cooking? I just relish each of your videos. My oldest 2 boys (11&7) have pulled some great inspiration.

  6. What about how much you need of the ingredients?☺️

  7. I guess I could use white beans instead of butter beans for the "cookie dough"? (:

  8. Do you consider chocolate a whole food? Love these meal ideas!

  9. Everything looks yummalicious! ❤ Can't wait to give dates and peanut butter on toast a whirl! Thanks for sharing these awesome breakfast ideas!

  10. Sorry, but what ratio oats to water do you use and how long do you cook it? You always seem to get the perfect porridge (/oatmeal) consistency :0

  11. Y u reading dis? Um wut


  12. You should try mashed banana or berries with cinnamon powder with toast! Its really delicious

  13. Peanut butter and date toast is a really good snack. Love it <3

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