3 Super Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas!

Hi I’m Dani! This is my Youtube channel Dani Lauren (formally known as Style by Dani) I love to share my life to give others inspiration on how to live a fun, …


  1. Love you so much! Thanks for inspiring me to stay vegan now 6 months! We have been trying to get preggo…I'm loving all of your preggo videos too!!! Keep em' coming girl!

  2. Ive been vegan for 7 months and i still struggle with breakfast lol. Im a college student who dosent like oatmeal so i always like seeing other options:)

  3. Omg I just had blueberry banana oatmeal for breakfast this morning!! and all of these look so good

  4. Obsessed with this series!!! And you of course! 🙂

  5. Love your hair parted like that, you look so pretty!

  6. how do you get your oats to not overflow!?

  7. The Buchanan Family

    My kids were watching this with me and now want porridge 🙂 we call it porridge here not oatmeal

  8. Great video. You should start cooking your potatoes in cold water and then bring them to a boil. This way, the pieces cook evenly. Starting in boiling water could cook the outside quicker than the inside.

  9. I just recently found out I'm allergic to avocados ☹️ makes me so sad.. I loved to eat avocado on toast! Plus I'm gluten intolerant, and lactose intolerant! Which sucks. But being vegan makes that so much easier for me to eat!

  10. potatoes are life. i love lemon pepper on everything its great.
    sad fact… you cant get french fries at disneyland/CA adventure unless its a sit down restaurant… they dont have it anywhere as a fast food option. i was very bummed.. lol.

  11. I eat oatmeal everyday for breakfast!! But I need to try those potatoes, looks delicious 🙂 Can't wait for your other meal idea videos!

  12. That bagel looks so good!

  13. you're the first youtuber i've seen that likes their oatmeal as thick as i do lol

  14. Just a tip for boiling the potatoes:
    My mom taught me that every plant that grows under the surface needs to be put into a pot together with cold water and then be brought to a boil together.

  15. have you tried overnight oats? just some oats, chia seeds, and maple syrup covered with almond milk. refridgerate in a jar overnight and eat cold with fruit on top. I dont like hot oatmeal bit i love this cold version!

  16. loved this 🙂

  17. So glad I found your channel Dani! You're amazing❤been watching you for awhile now. You're the only YouTuber that I get really excited about to see that another video was uploaded!

  18. Ooh love a bit of coconut oil and tons of cinnamon in my oats it's so creamy

  19. Omg all these recipes are to die for. Trying the potatoes this weekend.

  20. Has anyone else tried that new Silk protein blend nut milk? I'm obsessed with it. I use it in my cereal and it keeps me full all morning! Plus it tastes really good and isn't watery like almond milk

  21. tip for the oatmeal: freeze the banana and cook it in the oatmeal!! it's so sweet

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