3 Simple Vegan Breakfast Ideas ( Under 10 Minutes )

3 Simple Vegan Breakfast Ideas Make morning meal time a breeze with an easy and healthy breakfast recipes, including Cheesy Scramble Tofu, a Creamy …


  1. No paro de verlo, me encanta y mira que he visto muchos canales de cocina pero este tiene tu sello y se nota. Amazing!

  2. Like your stove looks like a grill papi lol

    I love aquacates yumm, and I have to say the aguacate in the 3rd idea surprised me totally… But Cochino, sadly im not a fan of PB anymore blech!

  3. Christina Cruzpagan

    Hahaha the yawning part works perfect in this breastfast one. Just so u no I was the first one to subscribe to your channel ♥️

  4. Jaysarie Rosado

    Advin can you make gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

  5. Wow Advin you eat good! It all looks so yummy but that last one…,.yummy!!! I'm going to make that! Thanks for these delish ideas!

  6. Yum! Nice editing.

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