3 Raw Vegan Breakfasts I Recipes for Weightloss

Hello fam! I’m back and in this video I will be showing you 3 delicious and extremely simple raw vegan breakfast recipes. I know that many of you have a goal …


  1. You're amazing, Yovana! 🙂

  2. That's my reaction when I eat banana ice cream too! The ones in your meal plan are soooooo good!

    Right now I'm making your albondigas. Just ten more minutes before I get to enjoy!

  3. LatinaSweetie44

    Are you wearing a wig? It looks too shiny and no real part.

  4. Rawvana I love your recipes! It would be great to see more kid friendly recipes. Like to help them jumpstart cleaner eating

  5. I just have no idea how anyone can eat dry oats and feel good afterwards. I see so many vloggers do it, but if I happen to eat oats that are not thoroughly soaked/cooked, I get really dehydrated and bloated (and that makes sense actually).

  6. Holi :v

  7. Make sure to check your husband's blood pressure. My risk of stroke always goes up when my wife dolls up like this.

  8. Spiced by Maggie

    Can we just take a moment & appreciate how Yovana is GLOWING!!

  9. Spiced by Maggie

    Just wanted to say CONGRATS on your wedding!!! YOU looked incredible!

  10. Hello! Is there anything that could replace oats?

  11. OMG! Dates with a cup of coffee in the morning! So good!

  12. Christina Randall

    I LOVE your hair! its Gorgeous!

  13. Hey there! You are absolutely glowing these days! Love your hair!!! Great video and thank you for all your ideas!

  14. So I know this is a weird request but would u be willing to do a review on ur favorite knife set? I would love to see the type of utensils u use! As always love ur videos!!

  15. Looks yummy! Are you wearing a wig or extensions your hair looks really pretty?!

  16. I love this video. Thank you so much Yovana.

  17. Great video by the way! I love your hair! Are you still using the vomor hair extensions from Aveda? I was using them but I wanted to switch to something else! Could you share what you are using or give a good recommendation?

  18. I thought you were doing the raw vegan challenge with us. I bought it thinking you were because you mentioned it and you haven’t done it yet. I’m asking if you changed your mind or are still going to? Thank you.

  19. I love smoothies, overnight oats, etc., but it is so cold here. Not too crazy about a warm smoothie. Any ideas?

  20. Hey Yovana, I absolutely love your channel, and congratulations to the wedding and the new house!! You’re shining.
    I was just wondering how much the grocery’s will cost for each week for your 21 raw? I’d like to download the program, but I’m a student and on a budget and I’d feel like it would be unnecessary to buy it if I can’t afford the ingredients. Much love xx

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